3 Storey Apartment Flat Roof Inspection & Replacement London Ontario

Hello everyone, this week we were out in Central London Ontario, working on a really big residential home, in fact it was one that had at least a dozen homes inside of it, as it was a 3 storey walk up apartment.

Legacy Flat Roofing were called out by the landlord as they knew the flat roof was getting old, and they wanted the flat roof inspected, assessed, and be provided a recommendation. After a careful examination of the entire roof, we determined the roof should be replaced.

We have the client two options:

  1. Rip off the entire flat roof right down to the deck and start over, or
  2. Roof over the existing system.

The client opted to reduce costs, so the plan is to install a new substrate over the top of the system and build up the new flat roof from there. This reduces the budget, and still provides exceptional protection for the building envelope.

It’s a 2500 square foot project. The video jumps into the project one day in. The day before was presswork, cleaning up the roof surface, removing any debris and moisture, and then installing new sopraboard, which is a substrate we use to provide a solid foundation to install the next layer of the roof which would be the base sheet.

Now this may be a first for us in our videos. We don’t think we’ve ever shown a video of this base sheet material we have used. This is different from the regular peel and stick base sheet we install. Because of the size of this roof, and to give it the best protection possible wanted a base sheet that is going to be a little stronger. We use a product that is sanded at the surface, and welded at the seams so give the system that added amount of water proofing. It also helps our team as the project is large, and can take many days, so we want the roof to be protected from any rain and water while we work, especially since its been such a rainy summer this year.

The roof was kind of nice as it was so square, however there was a little of details to work with. We installed a lot of aluminum outside corner flashing on this project, there was a roof hatch to roof around, and a vent stack. The one drain on the roof we installed a u-flow protector. There is a black rubber gasket inside of the drain, and in the event of the pipes ever backing up water won’t come out, as this drain is tied into the plumbing system.

Our video is a little brief, but you can see the results for yourself. We typically say in Canada a flat roof would have a lifespan of about 15 to 25 years in most systems if they are well built and are maintained. We think this system we just installed could even last up to 30 years.

If you have a flat roof system and need an inspection or a quote and you’re in the southwestern Ontario area please reach out to Legacy Flat Roofing – we’d love you to find out why we are the the best flat roofing company in London Ontario!