Alvinston Ontario Porch Flat Roof with Metal Deck Leak

This week we were out in Alvinston Ontario, if you don’t know where that is, its deep in the South Western end of Ontario.

We’re doing a porch flat roof, about a 30′ x 20′ area. The client has been reporting leaking issues, and we were called out to get the problem solved!

We found a metal roof which had been nailed to the existing fibreboard insulation which they were using as a substrate for the roof. We immediately noticed a metal detail against the brick wall where the metal never actually touches or comes up onto the brick wall. We noticed caulking around that area which may have been done a few times over the years, but it was ineffective and water was coming into the clients home.

The project involved tearing off the metal roof, putting down a new base and then a cap sheet.

We began by cleaning out the detail on the brick, then we put down sopaboard as a substrate, then we put a new base sheet down. We brought the base sheet right up underneath the metal flashing instead of into the gap.

We haven’t seen this for a while, but the existing metal drip edge is called a reglet cut – where the drip flashing is actually embedded into the mortar of the brick wall detail. Haven’t seen that in a while! So we left that in place, we brought our new membrane up underneath, then we put new flashing over the top of the reglet cut.

We put the new cap sheet down and welded the seams together, then we put a drip edge metal flashing detail around the three sides of the roof that had the eavestrough to close off the ends of the new flat roof, as well as make it water tight, and make it look pretty!

The roof above this area has eavestroughs, but they aren’t hooked up so water just pours onto this roof when it rains. But the new roof we put down will be able to handle everything nature can throw at it! This roof is going to be water tight in rain or snow!