Apartment Flat Roof Replacement London Ontario

Hi Legacy fans, this week we are in East London, where a client has given us the privilege of re-roofing their 3 storey walk up. The flat roof area is approximately 2100 square feet, it drains at two ends, there are some scuppers, a couple of bathroom vents and a chimney, but all in all it is a straightforward project.

You can see in the video the original roof that was installed by another contractor. There was a separation layer, some insulation, and a mechanically fastened TPO roof system. The TPO had been leaking, so our project is to remove the TPO system, allow the roof to dry, clean off all the debris, then we are going to create a new separation layer via a 2 ply flat roof system comprising of a peel and stick base sheet, and a peel and stick cap sheet.

We split the roof in halves so we could get as much work done on half just so we don’t have any issues with the weather. We were able to install the base sheet which is a water proof membrane fairly easily once the roof was cleaned. One of the benefits of using peel and stick is don’t have a huge 500 degree kettle up here, or any open flames. It’s safer and more cost effective for the client. And especially with tenants currently in the building, peel and stick is the way to go.

We installed two scuppers. There are multiple ways to drain water off your roof. You have internal drains that are in the middle of the flat roof, there are eavestroughs that catch water over a larger surface area, and there are scuppers. The flat roof may have a slight slant, or the scupper will be a low spot where water heads to and gets off the roof. With the metal flashing installed, and the 2 brand new layers on the roof, we think the job turned out wonderful and the client will be thrilled.

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