Bayfield Ontario New Canopy/Balcony Flat Roof

This week we were in Bayfield Ontario, right next to Lake Huron, we could see the lake right from where we were standing, which was nice, and breezy on a hot sunny day!

The client has been building a walk out canopy or balcony, with the intention of building a deck once the flat roof portion is completed.

This was a new build, which was a nice change as we typically do a lot of retrofits and repairs. A fresh new wooden substrate was built, and our job was to get a membrane on there before the deck, which means we need to put on top of the plywood a base sheet, cap sheet, and then heat weld the seams, then finish it off with metal drip flashing around the edges for a nice look and water shedding.

We built up the sides of the deck so that we could attach a membrane and run it up high on the sides. We want to ensure that during heavy rain, or snow melts that the high membrane will stop any water from seeping over the edge into the home.

Even though the job surface area is small, with just a small door detail and some in and outs, there’s always more to a project than meets the eye.

The project was a little tricky in one spot as the client had already put their metal roof on, and in a perfect world it would have been ideal to do the flat roof portion first, then have the metal go over the top so we ensure perfect water shedding but we were able to work around it and keep the water protection remain effective.

As you can see at the end of the video, the job turned out fantastic. The next step will be the siding company has to come out and finish the gap in between our membrane edge and the metal shingled roof, then the client will put a deck down on top of the roof and it should be good for years to come.

If you ever need any flat roof work done, whether a new roof, a re-roof or a repair because it’s leaking, send us an email or give us a call.