Bayfield Ontario New Duradek Vinyl Deck Membrane Installation

Spring weather is upon us, and the Legacy Roofing team is in fully swing! This week we were out in Grand Bend, Ontario, working on a project for a valued client of ours, Skyshot Management Inc.

Skyshot does general contracting, project planning and commercial development and we’ve been fortunate to work with them on this flat roof project.

We’re at a new home build, a residential home with a beautiful view of the lake. We’ve been hired to install a Duradek vinyl decking system.

We’ve installed a lot of these systems in new and existing homes around South Western Ontario with great results for clients.

The surface area isn’t large, it’s a walk out from the master bedroom onto a deck with a balcony, overlooking Lake Huron. We have a tongue and groove plywood base for a strong foundation, and what we do to start off the installation is we pour a liquid cement mixture right over the surface of the deck. What this does is creates smoothness, and fills in the seams, chips and screw-holes, so that when the membrane is installed, the uneven surfaces won’t translate through to the visible deck.

There is a drip flashing that needs to go along the outside of the deck facing the street, we have a wall detail and a door detail to take care of to ensure a waterproof seal around the area.

We installed a PVC coated drip edge, which we are going to weld the Durdek system right onto the drip edge so water can’t travel back underneath into the wood deck substrate and into the home.

For the wall detail we used a chalk line to make sure the Duradek system is installed perfectly level so the contractor can use that line to install and transition to whatever material is planned for the wall section. We alway bring the deck system up a little around the walls to prevent water escaping into the home.

With the drip edge installed, the cement dried up, and the chalk lines and measurements taken, we clean the entire deck again very carefully to avoid any pieces remaining, before we install the deck membrane.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to video the installation as it takes a lot of our focus, but. You can see the results, Duradek is a beautiful system and the homeowner can use this area 12 months of the year with no worries. You can see how we worked around the patio door threshold. We want to make sure we take the system as far into the home as we can to make sure there are no issues with water with all that driving wind, rain and snow build it, it has to be perfectly done (it sounds like we are emphasizing this over and over today, but we have seen the results of flat roofing contractors skipping this step!)

Hopefully we will have a chance to come back to see the whole home finished, and see how the Durdek system fits in line with all the other wonderful details this homeowner will enjoy.