Brigden Ontario Spanish style home flat roof repair

Hi everyone, we are back with another video.

This was the first 3 day project we have had in a while, and it’s also another first for Legacy Flat Roofing – it was the first time having my sons out on the job helping, and teaching them all that we know, making Legacy Roofing a family affair, which we are really proud of.

This was another residential job, a very nice and unique home, a Spanish style ornate home, with a flat roof system for the entire home.

The client called us in, as there was some blistering on the roof, and a small leak which the homeowner wanted addressed early, to rejuvenate the roof. Its great that there have been no major leaks, as this has factor has saved the client a LOT of money, as you’ll see.

The flat roof was a granulated cap sheet, so our job was to address the areas by cleaning the roof, sweeping, getting it nice and dry, then prime it, and put a peel and stick cap sheet right on top.

Client can extend the life cycle of the roof, without having the cost of labour to rip off his whole roof. If the roof is good, and the insulation underneath is dry, this is a great method for ensuring a quality roof, and saving money.

A lot of the high costs of flat roofing come from the removal and disposal of the existing roof. We use granular cap sheet, and the benefit to the owner is, if the roof has not been compromised, they can roof over this later on and keep going and going.

There were 3 main areas to address.

A master bedroom area, that had a wood stove with vent coming through it, it was removed, client put some plywood down, so we are going to waterproof that area.

There was one small leak on the roof, which we repaired and put a new cap sheet on, and installed a new roof vent detail. It’s a one-way breather, so it will remove any moisture that is in the roof, and nothing can go back in.

Another section had some blistering, we noticed a lot of trees in that section. You want to make sure trees aren’t hanging over or leaning on your flat roof, as it can perforate the roof, or allow animals access to the roof which can cause further damage.

We put the red primer down after cleaning the area, and put peel and stick cap sheet down, and we will heat weld the seams for a fantastic sealed water proof system. Without going through the welding process, the seams will not hold, and water will get into the seams.

Seams have asphalt at the seams, at the bottom of the cap sheet, and the top of the cap sheet at the sides, so when high amounts of heat are applied, they become tacky and provide a seal. Then we put a layer of asphalt and mastic on it.

We were very proud of our team on this one, and the work we did for our client. You can see that the homeowner was happy with the results – check out the testimonial by clicking here.