Carport 2ply Mod Bit Flat Roof Installation Strathroy Ontario

This week we were out in the wind (apologies for the audio quality) and rain working in Strathroy Ontario, where we were called out by the homeowner as the carport needed a new roof. Normally if a roof is in decent enough shape we can go over the existing roof, but upon our first inspection we could see that this roof was in rough shape. The homeowner was almost considering tearing the carport out until the Legacy Flat Roofing team showed them that we could bring it back from the brink and have it be an effective canopy for them again.

There was a lot of exposed and rotten wood, so we had to tear out the roof in some parts, and we had to do some framing. We had to sister in new wood around the joists, new fascia boards were added, as well as new plywood for the substrate. It took us over a day to do this, but once it was completed we had a solid, safe and secure structure to install the new flat roof system.

Something that was a little different about this carport is how it ties into the other flat roof. You can see at one point this carport’s old flat roof system ran underneath the other flat roof. Something we want to make sure of is as water falls off of the upper flat roof, that no water can get underneath and into that seam where the two roofs meet, as this was a major issue for the client. We need to install our membrane up onto the fascia board to make sure there is a proper seal there. This will also help protect the timber framing as it is exposed to the elements so there are a couple of benefits to doing this.

You may have noticed in our more recent project videos that we have been using a different peel and stick membrane/base sheet when a more sturdy material is required as the roof will be exposed to the elements. We’ve installed that same base sheet, it’s a peel and stick base sheet, however the seams are heat welded, and it s a more durable material. Once the base sheet is down we install metal drip edge flashing around the perimeter to protect the new wood, and help control water flow off of the carport.

You can also see how we handled the transition between the two flat roof systems by installing the membrane to seal off the gap, and allow the water to properly run off to the drains instead of in the crack and creating issues.

We’re really happy with how this project turned out. If you remember the first day when we were repairing the wood to now, the contrast is quite something! The roof was so bad that we couldn’t even frame from up on the roof, it all had to be done from underneath, but now all that has changed. The new flat roof has restored the carport and made it an effective part of the client’s home, and will give them years of trouble free protection.