Castle Roof Leak Project

This project was for a really nice home in West London, a very unique home with some unique problems. This roof had several leaks in it, and the client needed some repairs done before the winter freeze sets in. The roofs were different types of roofing systems which made it a really interesting project and meant we had to do some strategic thinking on how to get the repairs done. The client didn’t want a new roof system right now, just leak repairs.

There are a couple of sections you can see in the video. On one section the corner of the roof was leaking, which meant we had to create a tie in seam, degranulate the roof and bring a modified roof system up and over.

On the other section of roof we were asked to fix the flashing and old mastik had come away from the roof, so we put on a rubberized coating, let it set, then placed mesh over it and put more coating on it. This provides a seamless barrier between the roof and the weather and will stop water getting underneath the roof seal.

This method of roof leak repairs saves the process of replacing the entire roof, and we were really happy with the way it turned out.

See what the client had to say about the job we did here. If you have anyone that needs a roof done or wants a quote, please contact us!

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