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New Home Build Flat Roof & Metal Roof Installation in Bayfield Ontario

Last week we were out in beautiful Bayfield Ontario, working on a brand new house, right by the shores of Lake Huron. The client gave the Legacy Flat Roofing team the opportunity to work on this project, which admittedly stretched our imagination as to how to come up with a design that would be effective and pleasing to the client. There are 5 flat roof surfaces on this log home, 2 are using a 2 ply flat roof system, and […]

Downtown London Ontario Apartment 2ply Flat Roof System Re-Roof

Hi everyone, this week we were in downtown London, Ontario. Our team was called in to a multi tenant building to have their flat roof system re-rooofed. When we first went for our site inspection we noted that the roof was well past it’s lifetime, the client had reported the roof was having a lot of leaks, and in the first section of the video you can see that some repairs were undertaken on the roof, but without much success. […]

Heritage Church Building Flat Roof Restoration Alvinston Ontario

This week we were working on a pretty high flat roof at a church in Alvinston Ontario. The client had called Legacy Flat Roofing out to assist them with a re-roof of their flat roof. They had a very old 2ply system, and our plan is to go over the existing system with a brand new 2ply system. It’s a pretty small roof, 13’ x 13’, not a lot of detail, a hatch and some metal work to be done […]

Apartment Flat Roof Replacement London Ontario

Hi Legacy fans, this week we are in East London, where a client has given us the privilege of re-roofing their 3 storey walk up. The flat roof area is approximately 2100 square feet, it drains at two ends, there are some scuppers, a couple of bathroom vents and a chimney, but all in all it is a straightforward project. You can see in the video the original roof that was installed by another contractor. There was a separation layer, […]

East Park Amusement Park New Flat Roof Install London, Ontario

Hi everyone, the Legacy Flat Roofing team were out in East London today, working oddly enough at a place that is our family favourite – East Park! Unfortunately for our team the slide wasn’t operating for our lunch break 😉 We were called out as one of their buildings, which had a metal roof on it was having non stop issues with water leaks, and they kept sinking money into it, without success. Upon our initial inspection we could see […]

Rotten 4ply Flat Roof System Tear Out London, Ontario

The team this week was working at a commercial building on Wharncliffe Road in London Ontario. We have a wonderful client, allowed us to do a job with an existing 4 ply roof that had aged out and was experiencing issues with leaks, and was concerned about water damage inside the building. This project was a little longer than most, we were there for about a week working on this project. A lot of times during a flat roof inspection […]

3 Storey Apartment Flat Roof Inspection & Replacement London Ontario

Hello everyone, this week we were out in Central London Ontario, working on a really big residential home, in fact it was one that had at least a dozen homes inside of it, as it was a 3 storey walk up apartment. Legacy Flat Roofing were called out by the landlord as they knew the flat roof was getting old, and they wanted the flat roof inspected, assessed, and be provided a recommendation. After a careful examination of the entire […]

St. Mary’s Ontario Apartment Flat Roof Replacement to Fix Leaking

This week we were in St. Mary’s Ontario, where we are going to install a brand new flat roof on this building in the downtown core. This was one of the more challenging projects we have had to complete, just because we were in the downtown area where there isn’t as much space on the ground level, and there were multiple layers to the roof as it was a saw line roof. It had multiple levels, and on top of […]

New Commercial Flat Roof Installation London Ontario

This week we were in London, Ontario in the North West area of the city doing a brand new flat roof at a commercial property on Gainsborough Road. It’s a bigger project, a nice change for our team as we often focus on residential, however we are fully equipped for larger commercial flat roof repairs and installations. The roof is about 4,000sqft, with a few details. It has a few drains, some sleepers that are unused so we are going […]

Installing a Vent Stack in Flat Roof Commercial Building St. Thomas Ontario

This week we were in St. Thomas Ontario working at a commercial site with a flat roof. We were at a construction site with a major renovation going on inside this old building that used to be a bank. It’s going renovated and turned into a medical clinic. The renovation contractor contacted Legacy Flat Roofing to install a vent stack in the flat roof as they want to vent a kitchen sink. So in this video we are going to […]