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Flat Roof Leak Repair Mattress Depot London Ontario

This week we were in London Ontario working on a commercial building, I’m sure a lot of Londoners know this place because of the fake police car sitting on Exeter Road. This week we were at the Mattress Depot, doing a flat roof leak investigation and repair. The guys said they were having tons of leaks, and asked Legacy Roofs to come out and find them, and get the flat roof sealed up. The job would involve a visual inspection […]

Glencoe Ontario Factory Flat Roof Water Leak Repair

This week we were in Glencoe Ontario, working at a factory that is experiencing a few issues with water coming into the building envelope so Legacy Roofs were called in to get the building back on track. The roof is a 4ply built up system, our job was to do a flat roof investigation and find the source of the water leaks. It appeared there were 3 issues the owner was dealing with: There seemed to be a split or […]

Downtown London Ontario Flat Roof Leak Repair

This week we were at an church building in Central London Ontario in the Ridout Street area. The building was needing a repair to their 4ply built up flat roof system as they were experiencing some leaking and dripping inside of their building so they called us in to check it out. This job involved a bit of investigation to find the water leak as it wasn’t as clear as other times when we stand up on the roof and […]

Roof repair leak Nilestown Ontario

Today we are in Nilestown Ontario, which is just east of London Ontario. We are at the Middlesex EMS unit, station number 10. They have reported a leaking roof, they removed the interior ceiling tile, and about 30 feet back from the front and 15 feet from the side of the building there water coming in. We went up and inspected the roof and found an open seam in the 4ply built up system. We removed the stone (we call […]

Flat roof asphalt repair and reseal in Wyoming Baptist Church Ontario

We were out working at Wyoming Baptist Church this week, working on a small portion of their flat roof. (You can find out what the client thought of our work here) Their main roofing system was a sloped metal roof system, however there was a section of roof where two air conditioning units were situated that were on a flat section of roof, using a 2ply modified roof system. The church was having leaks in this section of roof, there […]

Legacy Roofs save you money and hassle, listen to our latest client

Our latest client gave us his thoughts on our customer service and quality of work. If you want to see the project he was referring to, click here.

How to afford having your flat roof repaired

This project was on a plumbing store in Strathroy Ontario. This was a client we did some work for last year. At the time they wanted to budget accordingly to get their roof, so we advised them to repair the roof in stages, so we were back to complete the project this past weekend. If you are on a tight budget it’s a great way to slowly get a work done on your roof. First we provided a full inspection […]

Flat Roof watertight membrane installation Strathroy Ontario

This was a flat roof that had several compromises in the membrane that needed some expert work. There had been some splitting in the membrane due to freezing, thawing causing expansion which was causing the owner issues, a drain that wasn’t draining properly, and a huge gap under the drip flashing between the exterior brick wall and wood framing. We had to create a new waterproof section of roof in an existing 4ply built up roof, so we had to […]

Flat Roof Contractor Sarnia Ontario

This project was on a flat roof in London on a home run business, a Montessori school. The client wanted to create an emergency exit that was a few storeys high, and part of the walkway needed to go over a section of flat roof, which would join up to a stair case going down the side of the building. So we needed to create a roof system that was watertight, and had some insulation and protection from the walkway […]

How to Bend Metal Flashing

This is a short video on how to break metal flashing on a job site. The benefit of doing this work on site is that you get exact measurements for your roof. If someone is making cuts and then bringing those cuts to the site they will never be exact. We do all our measurements, head into our trailer, prescore the metail and then bend it until it snaps off, for a perfect fit. Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal […]