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Church Re-Roof: London Ontario (North End)

Our latest client is a congregation that just purchased a building in the North End of London, who were looking to get their flat roof leaks fixed before they went inside to finish the interior work during the winter. This job involved putting a new seal around a gondola that the congregation had put in, their request to us was to make it leak proof. We put in a half inch fibreboard, and tied it into the existing roof so […]

Goderich Damaged Flat Roof Quote

This video is of a large residential/commercial building in Goderich. The roof looks about 15 years old, but it’s only 5! I’m not sure what was wrong with the roof, it may have been due to an installation error. The high roof section had exposed felt, curling of the membrane. I think that we are going to go over the existing membrane with a 2 ply modified system, with some new flashing for curb appeal and weather protection. For the […]

Leaking Roof Tear Out and Repair in East End London Ontario

This job was for a client in the East End of London Ontario, in a light industrial complex. They were having some issues with water coming into a section of their flat roof. Our recommendation was to have it replaced so that it would no longer take in water and be a risk to their business. Check out these photos, and you can look at the photos the video here.

New Flat Roof – Start to Finish

This was a job we were provided via a customer referral (watch the video here). This client needed a new roof as they were having a lot of pooling on top of their roof wich had been causing rapid deterioration of their existing roof system. We installed a brand new, gorgeous roof, new scuffers, and removed any further worries that the client will have over their roof for the next 20 years.

Tamarine by Quynh Nhi Client Testimonial

We asked one of our customers to give their thoughts on the job we did at their restaurant. Hear what the owner of the Tamarine by Quynh Nhi Vietnamese restaurant had to say about the new mult-level metal roof we installed recently. And as a shout out to the owner, here is the restaurant location: (519) 601-8276 118 Dundas St London, ON N6A

Dundas St Restaurant New Roof – Start to Finish

This is a restaurant downtown London, Ontario that we had provided a quote for in a previous video. The client hired us to install a new metai roof on multiple levels. The client (and we) were very pleased with the final product. This video covers the construction phase, and a walk through of the finished project. You can check out photos of this project by clicking here. Take a look and see!

New Roof Quote & Inspection – Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal

We were called in to provide a quote for a landlord who was having new tenants move into the building. There has been some leaking in through the existing roof, and we were asked for a low cost patch job. Upon inspecting the roof we saw that a patch job would not give adequate protection from water, and we would not be able to provide a warranty for our work. So we inspected the roof further and quoted a full […]

Dual Roof System Quote – Metal & Flat Roof

This client owns a complex that has two different types of roofs on the one building. A sloped metal roof at the top, and a flat roof at the bottom that was used for living space. The metal roof was having a lot of leaks due to a lack of quality sealing of hte gaps, especially around the spot where there was an old skylight. The flat roof showed several leaking and cracked membrane spots, and the pea gravel had […]

Flat Roof Re-Roof

This client was experience a huge amount of leaks each time it rained. Due to the amount of leaks we couldn’t recommend a patch work job, which is typically the cheapest. We normally do our best to make sure the client always gets the most bang for buck when it comes to a roof, but we also believe strongly in quality trouble free roofs.

Shingle & Flat Roof

This client runs a very professional business in a large building. They had had some roofing work done previously, a roof that had a mix of shingles and flat roofing. We were called in to do an assessment on the flat roof portion. This was a very complicated roof to figure out the issues and see what we could do, but we love a challenge at Legacy!