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Duradek Vinyl Decking Installation New Home Build London Ontario

Here this week in the West end of London Ontario, working on a brand new house build. We’ve been called out by the home builder to install a new Duradek vinyl decking system, which is part of a roofed over living space. We prep the area by filling in any gaps and inconsistencies in the surface. We want the surface to be as level as possible, so we use a compound to fill in the gaps, then sand them smooth. […]

Installing a New Duradek Vinyl Decking System in Central London Ontario

Hello Legacy Roofing fans – this week we were in Central London Ontario, working a residential home. The client had called in Legacy Roofing to install a Duradek Vinyl Deck system on their flat roof walk out deck in their backyard, located on their second floor. The great thing about Duradek systems is the homeowner won’t have to install a wooden deck on their flat roof. Wood decks look nice when they are installed, but on a flat roof it […]