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Sarnia Ontario Residential Home Flat Roof Shingle Tie-in

This week we were in Sarnia Ontario during one of the most humid weeks we’ve had this summer! 28 degrees, feels like 42. Great day to be up on a roof! Luckily for us this home was near the water front of Lake Huron, so the super hot day was made a little livable thanks to the lake breeze. This project was doing a flat roof on a residential home, about 700 square feet. Most of the clients issues are […]

Alvinston Ontario Porch Flat Roof with Metal Deck Leak

This week we were out in Alvinston Ontario, if you don’t know where that is, its deep in the South Western end of Ontario. We’re doing a porch flat roof, about a 30′ x 20′ area. The client has been reporting leaking issues, and we were called out to get the problem solved! We found a metal roof which had been nailed to the existing fibreboard insulation which they were using as a substrate for the roof. We immediately noticed […]

Downtown London Ontario Flat Roof Canopy Deck Replacement

This week we were in beautiful London Ontario near the downtown area. We were in a residential home, working on 500 square foot canopy flat roof. The existing was a smooth surface asphalt with a coating on it, upon the flat roof investigation it appeared that attempts had been made a few times in the past to resurface the roof. Now its gone down to the decking you can see the wooden planks through the cracks of the roof surface. […]

Lambton County Ontario Trailer Leaking Flat Roof

This week we had a first for Legacy Flat Roofing – we were in Lambton County Ontario by Lake Huron, at a trailer park of all places. A client contacted us and said that the roof of their trailer was leaking and asked if we could come and fix the leaks. It was a unique job because we don’t do trailers, we normally do residential and commercial flat roofing. Our recommendation was to do a full re-roof, and to do […]

Flat Roof Tie In East London Ontario Duplex

This project was in London Ontario on the East side of town for a duplex. Our job was to tie in two flat roof systems, there was one section of the roof that was completed about 3-4 years ago, our job today was to fix the other half of the roof and tie it in to the newest section of flat roof. The section that needed to be fixed was in terrible shape, highlighted by all the extreme rainfall that […]

New Flat Roof Installation Sarnia Ontario

This week we did a two day job on a 800sqft flat roof in Sarnia Ontario. It’s a simple install, but with a lot of details, including drains, flashing and vent details. We had to install a new roof on the entire roof, but fortunately for the customer, upon our inspection of the roof (we offer roof inspections as a service), the insulation underneath the roof was dry so all we had to do was clean the roof off, get […]

Legacy Roofs save you money and hassle, listen to our latest client

Our latest client gave us his thoughts on our customer service and quality of work. If you want to see the project he was referring to, click here.

How to afford having your flat roof repaired

This project was on a plumbing store in Strathroy Ontario. This was a client we did some work for last year. At the time they wanted to budget accordingly to get their roof, so we advised them to repair the roof in stages, so we were back to complete the project this past weekend. If you are on a tight budget it’s a great way to slowly get a work done on your roof. First we provided a full inspection […]

How To Tie In A Flat roof With A Shingle Roof

This latest project was in early December in Lambeth Ontario for a residential home that had an existing sloped or shingled roof that needed to tie into a new flat roof that we had created. This one took a lot of work, we had to clean off the snow and then melt the snow and get the roof dry so we could work on it! We had to remove 2 courses of shingles so that we could create the transition […]

How to save money on your flat roof project

This project was for the roof of a detached garage in London Ontario. The client wanted this project to be cost effective, so we advised that if the client could remove the old membrane themselves, we could just clean up the surface and save money. And because we know that our clients want the most cost effective roof repair they can, we recommended to them and we advise you that if your eaves trough are in decent condition, have your […]