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New Flat Roof Installation over Car Garage Alvinston Ontario

This week as we enter the fall season we were out in Alvinston Ontario, a beautiful town about an hour South West of London Ontario. For this project we are at a home and we are installing a brand new flat roof over a carport. Carports or garage flat roof projects are a little easer to work on, as we don’t typically have to worry about things such as installing a vapour barrier or insulation like we do on a […]

New Flat Roof Installation for Wood Deck in West London, Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were working on a residential flat roof in the West end of London Ontario, just outside of the downtown area. Unfortunately we were so focused on this project that we forgot to a lot of video to show you the before shots, go over the issues the homeowner was having, and how we installed a new flat roof. So you hit the ground running so to speak, as you join us on this project, as […]

Flat Roof Installation on New Home Build in Komoka Ontario

Hello Legacy fans! Our video this week showcases the Legacy Flat Roofing team out in Komoka, Ontario at a brand new home build. We were tasked with completing two projects: Install a new flat roof system on this brand new home build Install a Duradek vinyl deck system The project will be broken up into two parts as the home wasn’t ready for us to do both jobs side by side. So today’s video is part one and is just […]

St. Mary’s Ontario Apartment Flat Roof Replacement to Fix Leaking

This week we were in St. Mary’s Ontario, where we are going to install a brand new flat roof on this building in the downtown core. This was one of the more challenging projects we have had to complete, just because we were in the downtown area where there isn’t as much space on the ground level, and there were multiple layers to the roof as it was a saw line roof. It had multiple levels, and on top of […]

Springfield Ontario Home Flat Roof Installation with Metal Roof Tie In & Hatch Detail

Hi everyone, this week we were in Springfield Ontario doing a flat roof section on at the peak of a beautiful metal roof. Unfortunately after a careful inspection we could see that the flat roof section has passed its usefulness, even after many attempts at patching the roof, and now it needs to be replaced entirely. It’s a fairly straight forward project as the roof substrate is strong and dry with no leaks compromising the system, so we will get […]

Residential Flat Roof Assessment, Tear Out and Installation in London Ontario

On this week’s project our client has an existing roof and was having leaking issues with his flat roof system on his home. Especially over two sections of the roof where the fascia and soffit tie into the flat roof, so Legacy Flat Roofing was called out to save the day! We had a tricky time trying to find specific holes in the roof, and after inspecting the system, we determined the best course of action was to remove the […]

Trailer Home New Flat Roof Installation Bayfield Ontario

This week we are in Bayfield Ontario, working on the flat roof of a trailer home. The nice thing about trailer homes is they are a fairly straightforward project when compared to most residential or commercial flat roofs we do installations and repairs on. While we say that, there are always curveballs, as there are some venting details to navigate. On this trailer there are some pop outs which the client had requested we install a new flat roof over […]

Residential 4ply built up flat roof replacement Glencoe Ontario

This week we were out at a beautiful home in Glencoe Ontario. This was our biggest residential project of the summer! It took us a couple of weeks working a couple of days at a time. The entire home had multiple flat roofs, over their living area, kitchen, shop and garage. It was an existing 4ply built up roof, and the entire system needed replacing with a 2ply modified bitumen system. We are big fans of the 2ply system as […]

Sunroom / Florida Room Flat Roof Replacement London Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were in the North end of London Ontario, working at a beautiful residence. The client called us out as they have a sunroom that has a single ply flat roof on a wooden deck that we need to re-roof.  The client has another roofing company coming out in a couple of weeks to install a new shingled roof on their home, so we’ve been called in ahead of time to get the flat roof section […]

Installing Flat Roof on Home Addition Downtown London Ontario

This week we are in downtown London at an absolutely beautiful spot with a great view. The client is putting an addition on their home, and there is a flat roof section that they called Legacy Roofing out for. The client intends to put a deck over the top of their flat roof, so they have asked us to come in and make sure that we install a perfect flat roof system that is water proofed and sturdy. Its a […]