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Leaking Roof/Skylight Project

This client owned a nice home in North London, but was experiencing some leaking through his skylight, situated on the flat roof section of his home. He has some repairs completed in the past however they were not successful in fixing the leaking roof issue. He asked Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal for a quote, he was happy with what we said we would deliver and so we completed the job last week. We removed the old shingles, placed […]

Baseline Road Flooding Flat Roof Repair

This client was experiencing some issues with their flat roof flooding and being very moist, which is a result of having a cracked or ineffective membrane. The pea gravel on the roof was completely loose and there was moss and vegetation growing on it. At first glance it seemed to be a very simple job until I got up on the roof and saw how much detailing work would be needed – there was existing shingles that were in good […]

Goderich Damaged Flat Roof Quote

This video is of a large residential/commercial building in Goderich. The roof looks about 15 years old, but it’s only 5! I’m not sure what was wrong with the roof, it may have been due to an installation error. The high roof section had exposed felt, curling of the membrane. I think that we are going to go over the existing membrane with a 2 ply modified system, with some new flashing for curb appeal and weather protection. For the […]

New Roof Client Referral

One of the neighbours of a client we had a few weeks ago noticed the great job we did, and called us in for a quote! This is a 2-ply modified existing roof, it is too flat in some areas so we will need to provide sloped roof, and a new scuffer. We are proud of our work, and we appreciate all the referrals of our customers, so thank you!

New Roof Quote & Inspection – Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal

We were called in to provide a quote for a landlord who was having new tenants move into the building. There has been some leaking in through the existing roof, and we were asked for a low cost patch job. Upon inspecting the roof we saw that a patch job would not give adequate protection from water, and we would not be able to provide a warranty for our work. So we inspected the roof further and quoted a full […]

Water Pooling on Roof and Leaking through Cracked Mastic

This client called us up because they were getting water leaks inside of their house, approximately 7 feet from the interior wall. Upon going on the roof and doing an inspection, we found that the bitchumen that had been laid up there was leaking at the seams where the water was pooling. Someone had put down some mastic as a repair in the past but this wasn’t doing the job. Our recommendation – put some new sheets down 20 feet […]

Dual Roof System Quote – Metal & Flat Roof

This client owns a complex that has two different types of roofs on the one building. A sloped metal roof at the top, and a flat roof at the bottom that was used for living space. The metal roof was having a lot of leaks due to a lack of quality sealing of hte gaps, especially around the spot where there was an old skylight. The flat roof showed several leaking and cracked membrane spots, and the pea gravel had […]

Flat Roof Re-Roof

This client was experience a huge amount of leaks each time it rained. Due to the amount of leaks we couldn’t recommend a patch work job, which is typically the cheapest. We normally do our best to make sure the client always gets the most bang for buck when it comes to a roof, but we also believe strongly in quality trouble free roofs.

Shingle & Flat Roof

This client runs a very professional business in a large building. They had had some roofing work done previously, a roof that had a mix of shingles and flat roofing. We were called in to do an assessment on the flat roof portion. This was a very complicated roof to figure out the issues and see what we could do, but we love a challenge at Legacy!

Flat Roof Replacement Initial Assessment (pt 1)

This client owns a semi detached house with a flat roof. Their neighbour had their roof replaced a number of years ago, and judging by the flooded roof we found, our client needed work done and fast. This is the video of our initial assessment, part two shows the work we did on the roof.