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Insurance Claim Flat Roof Replacement in West London, Ontario

Hi everyone, this week the Legacy Flat Roof team were out in the West end of London, Ontario we are installing a new flat roof on a residential home, as part of a larger restoration project as part of an insurance claim. We were thankful to be hired by the restoration contractor for the flat roof installation. There are two flat roof sections to on this home that we are working on, both the same size, on either side of […]

Carport 2ply Mod Bit Flat Roof Installation Strathroy Ontario

This week we were out in the wind (apologies for the audio quality) and rain working in Strathroy Ontario, where we were called out by the homeowner as the carport needed a new roof. Normally if a roof is in decent enough shape we can go over the existing roof, but upon our first inspection we could see that this roof was in rough shape. The homeowner was almost considering tearing the carport out until the Legacy Flat Roofing team […]

Why It’s Important to only Hire a Professional Flat Roof Contractor

Hi Legacy Fans! This week we were out in Central London Ontario, at a residential home. The client called us out as they have a walk out deck situated on top of their roof, and they asked Legacy Flat Roofing to come out and install a new flat roof system so they can then install a wood deck on top of so they can enjoy their backyard. They were also experiencing leaks on the old system, so it was time […]

When should a Flat Roof be installed instead of a shingle roof on a residential home

This week we are in Central London Ontario, where a client has asked Legacy Flat Roofing to install a new flat roof on a section of their home. The client called us in as they were having issues with a section of their roof that had shingles installed. When we inspected the home we recommended the client install a flat roof on the one section of their home, as the slope of the roof wasn’t enough to have water shed […]

St. Mary’s Ontario Apartment Flat Roof Replacement to Fix Leaking

This week we were in St. Mary’s Ontario, where we are going to install a brand new flat roof on this building in the downtown core. This was one of the more challenging projects we have had to complete, just because we were in the downtown area where there isn’t as much space on the ground level, and there were multiple layers to the roof as it was a saw line roof. It had multiple levels, and on top of […]

Springfield Ontario Home Flat Roof Installation with Metal Roof Tie In & Hatch Detail

Hi everyone, this week we were in Springfield Ontario doing a flat roof section on at the peak of a beautiful metal roof. Unfortunately after a careful inspection we could see that the flat roof section has passed its usefulness, even after many attempts at patching the roof, and now it needs to be replaced entirely. It’s a fairly straight forward project as the roof substrate is strong and dry with no leaks compromising the system, so we will get […]

New Flat Roof Over Canopy in Residential Home London Ontario

This week we were called out for a project installing a new flat roof on a canopy at the rear of a residential home in London, Ontario. The client had an aging existing roof system that was comprised of shingles, and you can see in the video that patches have been applied to combat leaks and roof issues. The primary issue is that shingles were the wrong material to use on this canopy as the roof is too flat. When […]

Residential Flat Roof Assessment, Tear Out and Installation in London Ontario

On this week’s project our client has an existing roof and was having leaking issues with his flat roof system on his home. Especially over two sections of the roof where the fascia and soffit tie into the flat roof, so Legacy Flat Roofing was called out to save the day! We had a tricky time trying to find specific holes in the roof, and after inspecting the system, we determined the best course of action was to remove the […]

Water Leaking into Home through Siding: New Residential Flat Roof

We were out in Central London Ontario again this past week, people must be noticing our trucks driving all over London this summer! We were called out to a residential home. The client reported their flat roof, which was located over their kitchen and living room area was in rough shape. They hadn’t reported any major leaks, however they did say that during the winter or spring, the ice and water build up on the flat roof appeared to be […]

Flat Roof Leaking Next to Exterior Wall of London Ontario Home

We were out in the North end of London Ontario this week. We were contacted by a homeowner who reported that water was coming into their garage, and they think its because of their flat roof section of their home. Upon our flat roof inspection at the home, we saw that the 15’ x 15’ roof was situated in a section where the shingled roof peaked to a flat roof, and at the detail where the flat roof meets the […]