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Mount Brydges Ontario Business Flat Roof Leak

Hi everyone, this week we were out in Mount Brydges Ontario, at building that is part residential, and part commercial, as the owner runs a business in a warehouse attached to the property. The client called us in as the flat roof drain on the back of the warehouse had completely collapsed. Water had been penetrating the roof, which caused damage to the structure underneath and it gave way. The client called Legacy Flat Roofs to come in, assess the […]

St. Thomas Ontario Flat Roof Leak and Eavestrough Cleaning

Hi everyone, we are in St. Thomas Ontario this week working on a residential flat roof. We have a flat roof leak, and the client requested that their eavestrough get cleaned out, now that the fall season is upon us. The flat roof leak is a bit tricky to work on, the client has had several companies come out to try to detect where the leak is coming from, and they were unable to. We were able to trace it, […]

Ipperwash Ontario Trailer Flat Roof Leak Repair

This week we were out in beautiful Ipperwash Ontario at a local trailer park. We were called in to assist a client with their flat roof. They have an existing metal pan roof, and a lot of the seams have deteriorated, which has been allowing water in, and they wanted it fixed! You can see there is an add on to the main trailer – we find it is very common that where the two join there will be an […]

West End London Ontario Flat Roof Leak Repair

This week we were in the West End of London Ontario, at a residential home. The client called us after getting some other flat roof quotes, as they were having issues with getting moisture in the garage below. This is another situation where the client was told they need to replace the entire roof, however upon an inspection by our team, we could see that was false information, and only minor repairs are needed. The roof is in great condition, […]

Repair Holes in Flat Roof Cap Sheet London Ontario

This week we decided to post about a very small project we did, a small cap sheet repair, in a residential home in London, Ontario. The client had a granular cap sheet, and the client literally has a pin hole in cap sheet in two spots, in one you can see the metal work coming through the cap sheet. A heads up for all homeowners out there – make sure you always get 3 quotes on your flat roof, and […]

Brigden Ontario Spanish style home flat roof repair

Hi everyone, we are back with another video. This was the first 3 day project we have had in a while, and it’s also another first for Legacy Flat Roofing – it was the first time having my sons out on the job helping, and teaching them all that we know, making Legacy Roofing a family affair, which we are really proud of. This was another residential job, a very nice and unique home, a Spanish style ornate home, with […]

Grand Bend Ontario trailer leak – new flat roof installation and waterproofing

Hi everyone, we are in beautify Grand Bend Ontario this week, at a trailer park, where we are putting in a new roof system, and waterproofing other parts of the trailer. The client contacted us to get some leaks taken care of. The client has tried to repair the roof with some DIY projects in the past, it looks like they put a painted ply coating on it in previously and it wasn’t working. So because we have a decent […]

Flat Roof Leak Emergency Repair (Chimney, Shingles, Eaves) London Ontario

Hi everyone! First video of 2021. We’ve been very busy already, lots of homeowners to help, but we wanted to post videos again now that the season is in full swing. For this project we were in the West end of London Ontario, at a residential home. The client has a flat roof over their garage, that leaks water every single time it rains. It leaks in a few parts: • There is a shingle tie in that leaks • […]

Blenheim Ontario Flat Roof Leak Causing a Basement Flood

This week we are out in the countryside, in Blenheim Ontario. We are at a beautiful Spanish style residential home with a flat roof. The client contacted Legacy Flat Roofing as they were having a lot of issues with their roof, so they called us in to locate the roof, and find the most cost effective and professional flat roof repair to stop leaks. The client reported water coming into the house, and flooding the basement. It wasn’t just a […]

Client Testimonial New Flat Roof Thamesford Ontario

Mr. John in Thamesford Ontario gives us his thoughts on one of our recent flat roof projects, where we gave him a new flat roof after he was experience water leaks in his garage. You can check out the video of that project here.