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New Garage Flat Roof Thamesford Ontario

Hey Legacy fans! This week we were out in Thamesford Ontario. Not the best week to be out on a roof, the Ontario summer is throwing a lot of humidity at us, but this is the gig, and we love the work we get to do for clients. The project was working on a flat roof over the top of a garage. It’s a very nice space, and the homeowner has been wanting to complete some interior renovations to the […]

Testimonial Flat Roof Replacement Ingersoll Ontario

Here what one of our latest clients, Luke from Ingersoll Ontario had to say about our workmanship and customer service after replacing his flat roof that had been causing him issues. You can read about the project and watch our video by  clicking here.

Flat Roof Patio Leak London Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were in central London Ontario, working at a residential home that was experiencing a flat roof leak. On the back of the home there is a patio on the second level seated on a flat roof. It’s a beautiful spot for sitting outside and enjoying the backyard. The client reported issues with water coming into the garage, it appeared to be coming in to the under the flashing area of the roof that attaches to […]

Residential Flat Roof Replacement Ingersoll Ontario

Well, Legacy Roofing & Sheet Metal is back for another season! And what a beautiful week of weather we were having in Ontario. This project we were at a residential home in Ingersoll Ontario to replace a flat roof that was leaking. The owner had a single ply system. One section had an overhang from the shingled roof with an eavestrough. Our job was to make sure the 1 ply system is ok and sturdy enough to roof over with […]

Strathroy Ontario Trailer Home Roof Leak & New Flat Roof Install

This week we were in Strathroy Ontario, at a large trailer park. We had been called in as a trailer owner was having some small issues with water leaks, and they had another request. They asked us to provide a new flat roof that will last a long time, so that when the current owner sells the trailer a few years from now, the new owner will get a quality flat roof with their new trailer. We couldn’t believe how […]

Flat Roof Replacement North End London Ontario

Hey everyone, this week we were in London Ontario in the North end of the city, working on a decent sized residential flat roof. This was an interesting project, we were called out as the client had an existing single ply flat roof that had met it’s life expectancy. The single ply was beginning to rip open, when we inspected the roof the insulation was wet. This can cause major issues inside of a home once the flat roof seams […]

London Ontario New Flat Roof

This week were in the West area of London Ontario, working on a residential flat roof that desperately needed a new flat roof. The flat roof was on a Florida room style part of the house, what we would call a simple project that would only take a day. There was vinyl siding on 2 sides of the roof, and eavestrough and drip flashing on the other 2 sides. As we said, it was a simple flat roof project, however […]

Alvinston Ontario Porch Flat Roof with Metal Deck Leak

This week we were out in Alvinston Ontario, if you don’t know where that is, its deep in the South Western end of Ontario. We’re doing a porch flat roof, about a 30′ x 20′ area. The client has been reporting leaking issues, and we were called out to get the problem solved! We found a metal roof which had been nailed to the existing fibreboard insulation which they were using as a substrate for the roof. We immediately noticed […]

North London Ontario Flat Roof Client Testimonial

Our client shares his thoughts on our flat roof repair over in the North side of London Ontario where we installed a modified 2 ply system on a residential home.

Strathroy Ontario 4 Seasons Sun Room Flat Roof Leak

This week we were out in Strathroy Ontario… during a heatwave! We received a call from a residential client who owns a 4 season sunroom, which was designed to be used all year around. Unfortunately for the client the roof has been leaking. It didn’t take us long to find out why – the sunroom has a flat roof, however shingles were installed on it. The design of shingles are meant for shedding water, not hold it, shingles do not […]