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Client testimonial: Wyoming Baptist Church Ontario

Wyoming Baptist Church shares their thoughts on our service. You can view the project we completed for them by clicking here. Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal – Serving all of SouthWestern Ontario: Lambeth, Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia, Wyoming, London, Woodstock, St. Thomas, Wallaceburg

Flat roof asphalt repair and reseal in Wyoming Baptist Church Ontario

We were out working at Wyoming Baptist Church this week, working on a small portion of their flat roof. (You can find out what the client thought of our work here) Their main roofing system was a sloped metal roof system, however there was a section of roof where two air conditioning units were situated that were on a flat section of roof, using a 2ply modified roof system. The church was having leaks in this section of roof, there […]

Save money on flat roof repair Sarnia Ontario

This Canada long weekend we were busy working out in Sarnia Ontario, working on a residential flat roof system. I brought my special helper along for the ride with me this time (make sure you leave him a comment to say hi!). We were working on a regular 4ply built up roof with pea stones on it. The client had been complaining that the roof was allowing water into their house, they originally thought it was a leak in the […]

Flat Roof watertight membrane installation Strathroy Ontario

This was a flat roof that had several compromises in the membrane that needed some expert work. There had been some splitting in the membrane due to freezing, thawing causing expansion which was causing the owner issues, a drain that wasn’t draining properly, and a huge gap under the drip flashing between the exterior brick wall and wood framing. We had to create a new waterproof section of roof in an existing 4ply built up roof, so we had to […]

Flat Roof and Shingle Roof tie in and waterproofing Strathroy Ontario

This was a repair for a residential home in Strathroy Ontario, the client had a flat roof and shingle roof section that tied into each other. It was a small section, about 14′ x 14′ but it had a real issue. The flat and shingle roof, right where it joined was above a wall cavity, on one side of the wall was the garage, and the other was living space, but the roof was taking in water and it needed […]

Flat Roof Repair Wortley Village London Ontario

This video is of a project we completed in the South side of London, Ontario in Wortley village. The situation was a parapet was leaking from on top of the roof, we were called into investigate and we found two things. The first was that the metal drip flashing around the top of the roof hadn’t been waterproofed correctly, actually it hadn’t been done at all and it was causing the roof to draw in water, and you can see […]

Creating a transition between old and new roof surfaces

This past weekend we were in Bayfield Ontario working on a roof repair and transition from an existing roof to a new flat roof. The work area was quite dirty, we had to vacuum a lot of pools of water that had been trapped on the roof, and remove the stone to get a clean area to make the fixes and create the new transition. We put down a new substrate board, as well as a new drip flashing. And […]

How to save money on your flat roof project

This project was for the roof of a detached garage in London Ontario. The client wanted this project to be cost effective, so we advised that if the client could remove the old membrane themselves, we could just clean up the surface and save money. And because we know that our clients want the most cost effective roof repair they can, we recommended to them and we advise you that if your eaves trough are in decent condition, have your […]

East London Ontario How to tie in flat roof and shingle roof

This week we were in the East end of London Ontario at a residential home. The client had a couple of issues that needed attention. One section of their shingled roof had been leaking, due to aged shingles, and a poor slope on their roof, which was causing piles of snow to sit on the roof, as well as have water freeze and lift the shingles. Another issue was that their flat roof section needed to be repaired and replaced, […]

Flat Roof Repair Sarnia Ontario

We were out in the West End of London, working on a very high section of roof with a lot of special details, so we had to be extra attentive and careful on this assignment. This client was looking to get their leaking roof repaired and so they called Legacy to get the job done right. We noticed a lot of moss up on the roof which we had to remove. If you notice moss up on your roof it […]