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New Residential Flat Roof for Patio Downtown London Ontario

Hello again everyone! This week we shot a quick video in one of our projects, this time in Central London Ontario, close to the downtown core. Perfect cooler weather for doing some flat roofing work, especially after the long hot summer! We were working on a residential home that had a flat roof which needed to be removed and redone, as the client was looking to put a deck on the flat roof as they had access from an upstairs […]

London Ontario New Flat Roof

This week were in the West area of London Ontario, working on a residential flat roof that desperately needed a new flat roof. The flat roof was on a Florida room style part of the house, what we would call a simple project that would only take a day. There was vinyl siding on 2 sides of the roof, and eavestrough and drip flashing on the other 2 sides. As we said, it was a simple flat roof project, however […]

Bayfield Ontario New Canopy/Balcony Flat Roof

This week we were in Bayfield Ontario, right next to Lake Huron, we could see the lake right from where we were standing, which was nice, and breezy on a hot sunny day! The client has been building a walk out canopy or balcony, with the intention of building a deck once the flat roof portion is completed. This was a new build, which was a nice change as we typically do a lot of retrofits and repairs. A fresh […]

Sarnia Ontario Residential Home Flat Roof Shingle Tie-in

This week we were in Sarnia Ontario during one of the most humid weeks we’ve had this summer! 28 degrees, feels like 42. Great day to be up on a roof! Luckily for us this home was near the water front of Lake Huron, so the super hot day was made a little livable thanks to the lake breeze. This project was doing a flat roof on a residential home, about 700 square feet. Most of the clients issues are […]

Central London Ontario Residential Carport Roof Replacement

We were at a residential home in Central London Ontario, for this project we were working on a different type of flat roof project. The client has a metal deck that covers her carport so she can park her vehicles in there and keep them secure and out of the weather. The client had requested a flat roof system to be installed to ensure the longevity of the roof deck and to consistently keep the roof waterproof. The unique part […]

Glencoe Ontario Flat Roof Deck Rejuvenation

We were out this week in Glencoe Ontario, one of our favourite areas in South West Ontario, even more so since they got the Tim Hortons! We were working on a country home, the home owner had a flat roof on the back of their house that doubled as a patio. The only problem was that the deck on the surface of the roof was very deteriorated, it had definitely passed its life cycle, the wood was brittle and moss […]

Downtown London Ontario flat roof patio

We were in a downtown London Ontario home this week, working on the back roof portion of the home. Many moons ago the owner had put an addition on the back of the house, and now they are looking at putting a patio on the top of the addition, building a deck and installing a guard rail so they can have somewhere to relax. We were called in to replace the existing flat roof, and get the building waterproofed and […]

Burgesville Ontario Flat Roof Replacement

This week we were in Burgesville Ontario working on a flat roof at the back of a residential home. It’s a fairly small job, its a 10’x13’ existing mod bit roof, which we will replace the entire roof. There is a sliding door detail that walks out onto the roof which the client may make into a patio at some stage. The client just bought the home and noticed rotting wood underneath the roof deck by the door. The client […]

Burgesville Ontario Flat Roof Replacement Testimonial

Hear what our client thought about the project we completed on their flat roof section at the rear of their home. You can view the project post and video by clicking here. Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal – Serving all of SouthWestern Ontario: Strathroy, Glencoe, Woodstock, Lambeth, Windsor, Belmont, Chatham, Sarnia, Wyoming, London, St. Thomas, Wallaceburg, Burgesville

Deck Canopy Strathroy Ontario

For this project we were out on a rural property in Strathroy Ontario. A home owner was having a front porch placed at the front step of their deck which is also doubling as a small patio for their master bedroom. This will not only be a shelter for the front entrance but it will be a mini retreat for the home owner to sit and enjoy the scenery and perhaps a cup of coffee! The porch was made of […]