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Carport 2ply Mod Bit Flat Roof Installation Strathroy Ontario

This week we were out in the wind (apologies for the audio quality) and rain working in Strathroy Ontario, where we were called out by the homeowner as the carport needed a new roof. Normally if a roof is in decent enough shape we can go over the existing roof, but upon our first inspection we could see that this roof was in rough shape. The homeowner was almost considering tearing the carport out until the Legacy Flat Roofing team […]

Garage 2ply Flat Roof Installation Services London Ontario

Hi everyone, this week Legacy Flat Roofing are in the south area of London Ontario near Wortley village, where we are part of a home addition project where the homeowner is installing a new garage. The contractor AJD Renovations who are an awesome company to work with have asked Legacy Flat Roofing to install a new 2 ply flat roof system on the roof, and provide them with beautiful new metal flashing. ADJ have done a great job getting the […]

Duradek Vinyl Decking Installation Services Grand Bend, Ontario

Hi Legacy fans, this week we were out in beautiful (but still frosty) Grand Bend, Ontario working on a home near Lake Huron. This is a brand new build, and it is a bit of a unique job as we were working with 4 different flat roofs/deck sections, and two different materials that are being installed. One one system we were installing a Duradek vinyl deck system. You’ve seen us do these before, and we’re going to give you a […]

Apartment Flat Roof Replacement London Ontario

Hi Legacy fans, this week we are in East London, where a client has given us the privilege of re-roofing their 3 storey walk up. The flat roof area is approximately 2100 square feet, it drains at two ends, there are some scuppers, a couple of bathroom vents and a chimney, but all in all it is a straightforward project. You can see in the video the original roof that was installed by another contractor. There was a separation layer, […]

East Park Amusement Park New Flat Roof Install London, Ontario

Hi everyone, the Legacy Flat Roofing team were out in East London today, working oddly enough at a place that is our family favourite – East Park! Unfortunately for our team the slide wasn’t operating for our lunch break 😉 We were called out as one of their buildings, which had a metal roof on it was having non stop issues with water leaks, and they kept sinking money into it, without success. Upon our initial inspection we could see […]

Rotten 4ply Flat Roof System Tear Out London, Ontario

The team this week was working at a commercial building on Wharncliffe Road in London Ontario. We have a wonderful client, allowed us to do a job with an existing 4 ply roof that had aged out and was experiencing issues with leaks, and was concerned about water damage inside the building. This project was a little longer than most, we were there for about a week working on this project. A lot of times during a flat roof inspection […]

New Flat Roof Install for Fire Damaged Building Restoration

Hi everyone, this week we were out at a commercial building out in Wallaceburg, Ontario. The client contacted Legacy Flat Roofing to install a brand new flat roof. Most clients call us out because their flat roof has aged out, or has leaks, unfortunately there was a fire at this building, and some major restoration work is being done on the building to get it up and running again. The general contractor overseeing the restorative work removed the flat roof […]

New Flat Roof Over Home Addition London Ontario

We’re at a home where the client has installed an addition at their home, and they have called Legacy Flat Roofing in to install a brand new flat roof over the new section. We have to say that we may like new flat roof installations the best, especially when the company that framed the building did such a great job of making sure the building was square and level, it makes our lives so much simpler when people do quality […]

New Flat Roof Installation over Car Garage Alvinston Ontario

This week as we enter the fall season we were out in Alvinston Ontario, a beautiful town about an hour South West of London Ontario. For this project we are at a home and we are installing a brand new flat roof over a carport. Carports or garage flat roof projects are a little easer to work on, as we don’t typically have to worry about things such as installing a vapour barrier or insulation like we do on a […]

Why It’s Important to only Hire a Professional Flat Roof Contractor

Hi Legacy Fans! This week we were out in Central London Ontario, at a residential home. The client called us out as they have a walk out deck situated on top of their roof, and they asked Legacy Flat Roofing to come out and install a new flat roof system so they can then install a wood deck on top of so they can enjoy their backyard. They were also experiencing leaks on the old system, so it was time […]