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Twin Elms Mobile Home Flat Roof Replacement Strathroy Ontario

We are here this week in Strathroy Ontario. We are working on a mobile home with an addition, that has a flat roof system that ties into some shingles that needs replacing. The existing flat roof is a 4ply system. Upon inspecting the system and seeing the condition, our plan is to cover it over with a new 2ply system. The roof is about 30 x 17 feet, it’s not a huge roof to work on, but there are still […]

Residential 4ply built up flat roof replacement Glencoe Ontario

This week we were out at a beautiful home in Glencoe Ontario. This was our biggest residential project of the summer! It took us a couple of weeks working a couple of days at a time. The entire home had multiple flat roofs, over their living area, kitchen, shop and garage. It was an existing 4ply built up roof, and the entire system needed replacing with a 2ply modified bitumen system. We are big fans of the 2ply system as […]

Flat Roof Layover Installation St. Thomas Ontario – No Tear Out Required

This week we were in beautiful St. Thomas Ontario at a residential home, working on a flat roof section at the back of the house that provides an envelope for a hot tub area. This is a bit of a different video today as the title of the post suggests, as we aren’t doing a full tear out of a roof today, we are doing what is called a layover. Not all roofs are so bad that they need to […]

Residential Flat Roof Tear Out and New Roof Installation London Ontario

This week we are up in the North West area of London Ontario to put in a brand new flat roof for a client. They have a really nice home built in the 1970-1980’s era, but with a modernistic style that was ahead of its time when it was built. The client needs a new flat roof envelope over the top of studio portion of the house. It’s a big job for this section of roof as it needs a […]

Duradek Flat Roof Deck Installation in Grand Bend Ontario

This week in Ontario we were having some amazing weather, and our team was out at Grand Bend Ontario at a home right by the river and marina, a beautiful spot. The client has a flat roof deck that is overlooking the river, and they called in Legacy Flat Roofing to install a new Duradek Flat Roof Deck system. Duradek is an ideal product if you have a deck on a flat roof. In our opinion these are better than […]

Installing Flat Roof on Home Addition Downtown London Ontario

This week we are in downtown London at an absolutely beautiful spot with a great view. The client is putting an addition on their home, and there is a flat roof section that they called Legacy Roofing out for. The client intends to put a deck over the top of their flat roof, so they have asked us to come in and make sure that we install a perfect flat roof system that is water proofed and sturdy. Its a […]

Duradek Vinyl Flat Roof Deck Installation London Ontario

This is something new for you viewers, a product we haven’t made an installation video of yet. We were called out to a clients home in London, Ontario, as they had a flat roof walk out deck that needed some work. The client has been enjoying this deck area 8 months of the year, as its a covered deck and it can be enjoyed during rain or snow as long as the deck is dry. However the client has noticed […]

Water Leaking into Home through Siding: New Residential Flat Roof

We were out in Central London Ontario again this past week, people must be noticing our trucks driving all over London this summer! We were called out to a residential home. The client reported their flat roof, which was located over their kitchen and living room area was in rough shape. They hadn’t reported any major leaks, however they did say that during the winter or spring, the ice and water build up on the flat roof appeared to be […]

Central London Ontario Porch Deck Flat Roof Replacement

Hi everyone, this week we were out in London Ontario in the middle of town, working on a walk out porch deck. The client said they needed our help as the deck was in a state of disrepair. This was one of our trickier and more complex home flat roof replacements, and was the most rotted out flat roof and deck system our team had seen. Unfortunately this roof had been leaking for a very long time, and so upon […]

Twin Elms Strathroy Ontario Mobile Home Flat Roof Repair

This week we were out in Strathroy Ontario, at a local trailer park named Twin Elms. We were called out to look at the flat roof of a mobile home. The owner has had some previous small repairs on their flat roof, but now they needed a new flat roof, so they called Legacy Flat Roofing to the rescue. We began by inspecting the substrate, just to make sure we had a good foundation to build the new roof on. […]