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Central London Ontario home renovation new flat roof installation

This week the Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal crew are out in central London Ontario at a full home renovation. The homeowner has completely gutted the home, and now they are working on the roofing system. There is a small flat roof section, but it does have some intricate details we wanted to show you. The current older roofing system is a single ply EPDM roof, which we are going to remove, take it down to the get down […]

Mount bridges Ontario Canopy Deck Flat Roof Installation

Our friends are Stephenson Home Improvements from Strathroy Ontario called us in. They are doing a beautiful home renovation, working on a beautiful canopy, they asked us to do the flat roof. The canopy is going to be used a a deck, so the homeowner can sit out on the canopy and enjoy their home and the sunshine and stay out of the rain. We are going to waterproof the area, and put a scupper on one side to keep […]

Central London Ontario Flat Roof replacement after storm damage

Legacy Flat Roofs were called out for this project on a 2200sqft home in central London Ontario. This was an instance claim by the homeowner as a huge tree fell down during a storm and hit the roof, and punctured the old flat roof membrane, causing leaking issues that needed to be fixed immediately. We started filming on day 2 as day 1 was so busy Sometimes in construction you get lucky – when we tore off this roof we […]

Flat roof installation over metal deck Sarnia, Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were in Sarnia, Ontario, working on the flat roof of residential trailer home. The client reported they were having a flat roof leak at the connect to the flat roof section and the trailer. This is a very common complaint we get from people looking for our flat roof services. This trailer had a metal pan roof over one portion of the roof. Our goal for today is to clean the roof, dry it, prime […]

How to Repair or Replace your own Flat Roof

This week we were at a beautiful heritage home, and we wanted to take some time to show you something a little different at Legacy Flat Roofs. We thought we would show you how you can install a new flat roof at your home. Many times you’ve seen us install a roof over the top of the existing flat roof because the condition of the roof was good enough to use, as there hadn’t been any perforations in the flat […]

Petrolia Ontario Commercial New Flat Roof

It’s a cold project this week! We are well into the fall season, and the temperatures are dropping! A different one this week, we’re working on a small commercial project. This client needs a new flat roof, as this one has deteriorated and needs replacing. It’s a small surface area, but there are a lot of details we need to work around and work with. There is a wall and permitter, as well as an eavestrough, vinyl siding detail. The […]

New Flat Roof Installation Carport London Ontario

Well, we finally had one cool week before summer ends. This had to be one of the most humid summers we’ve experienced! (which was good as it forced us to shed some of those Covid pounds over the winter!) This week we were in the North end of London, Ontario, for what we would call a pretty straightforward flat roof project. The flat roof was over a carport / garage, it wasn’t a climate controlled spot, it was an open […]

Flat Roof Leak Emergency Repair (Chimney, Shingles, Eaves) London Ontario

Hi everyone! First video of 2021. We’ve been very busy already, lots of homeowners to help, but we wanted to post videos again now that the season is in full swing. For this project we were in the West end of London Ontario, at a residential home. The client has a flat roof over their garage, that leaks water every single time it rains. It leaks in a few parts: • There is a shingle tie in that leaks • […]

Flat Roof Surface Replacement Central London Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were in Central London Ontario. There was a definite chill in the air on this project! We’re not the biggest fans of winter as it creates so many issues with ice and water issues on homes, but we aim to fix that one flat roof at a time! We were at a small residential home, working on a fairly simple roofing section where the roof had definitely aged out, and needing replacing. It needed a […]

Client Testimonial New Flat Roof Thamesford Ontario

Mr. John in Thamesford Ontario gives us his thoughts on one of our recent flat roof projects, where we gave him a new flat roof after he was experience water leaks in his garage. You can check out the video of that project here.