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Apartment Flat Roof Replacement London Ontario

Hi Legacy fans, this week we are in East London, where a client has given us the privilege of re-roofing their 3 storey walk up. The flat roof area is approximately 2100 square feet, it drains at two ends, there are some scuppers, a couple of bathroom vents and a chimney, but all in all it is a straightforward project. You can see in the video the original roof that was installed by another contractor. There was a separation layer, […]

Rotten 4ply Flat Roof System Tear Out London, Ontario

The team this week was working at a commercial building on Wharncliffe Road in London Ontario. We have a wonderful client, allowed us to do a job with an existing 4 ply roof that had aged out and was experiencing issues with leaks, and was concerned about water damage inside the building. This project was a little longer than most, we were there for about a week working on this project. A lot of times during a flat roof inspection […]

Flat Roof Past its Life Cycle – Century Home Flat Roof Replacement

This week as summer wraps up were out in the central area of London Ontario, working on a flat roof that’s part of a beautiful century home, at the rear of the residence. We were called out as their existing flat roof was showing its age. It was an existing 2 ply modified bitumen flat roof, we were able to fully inspect it and see that it was in good enough condition for us to roof over it. The great […]

3 Storey Apartment Flat Roof Inspection & Replacement London Ontario

Hello everyone, this week we were out in Central London Ontario, working on a really big residential home, in fact it was one that had at least a dozen homes inside of it, as it was a 3 storey walk up apartment. Legacy Flat Roofing were called out by the landlord as they knew the flat roof was getting old, and they wanted the flat roof inspected, assessed, and be provided a recommendation. After a careful examination of the entire […]

When should a Flat Roof be installed instead of a shingle roof on a residential home

This week we are in Central London Ontario, where a client has asked Legacy Flat Roofing to install a new flat roof on a section of their home. The client called us in as they were having issues with a section of their roof that had shingles installed. When we inspected the home we recommended the client install a flat roof on the one section of their home, as the slope of the roof wasn’t enough to have water shed […]

Installing a Brand New 2ply Mod Bit Flat Roof at a London, Ontario Residence

This week we were out in the North end of London, Ontario at a beautiful century home. This project is a bit unique, as normally we come out and just do one or two flat roof sections, this residential project has multiple flat roofs for us to replace: A flat roof over an interior living space Garage flat roof in the rear of the home A flat roof section in the back All of these roofs were at different stages […]

New Flat Roof Installation for Wood Deck in West London, Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were working on a residential flat roof in the West end of London Ontario, just outside of the downtown area. Unfortunately we were so focused on this project that we forgot to a lot of video to show you the before shots, go over the issues the homeowner was having, and how we installed a new flat roof. So you hit the ground running so to speak, as you join us on this project, as […]

New Flat Roof Over Canopy in Residential Home London Ontario

This week we were called out for a project installing a new flat roof on a canopy at the rear of a residential home in London, Ontario. The client had an aging existing roof system that was comprised of shingles, and you can see in the video that patches have been applied to combat leaks and roof issues. The primary issue is that shingles were the wrong material to use on this canopy as the roof is too flat. When […]

Twin Elms Mobile Home Flat Roof Replacement Strathroy Ontario

We are here this week in Strathroy Ontario. We are working on a mobile home with an addition, that has a flat roof system that ties into some shingles that needs replacing. The existing flat roof is a 4ply system. Upon inspecting the system and seeing the condition, our plan is to cover it over with a new 2ply system. The roof is about 30 x 17 feet, it’s not a huge roof to work on, but there are still […]

Trailer Home New Flat Roof Installation Bayfield Ontario

This week we are in Bayfield Ontario, working on the flat roof of a trailer home. The nice thing about trailer homes is they are a fairly straightforward project when compared to most residential or commercial flat roofs we do installations and repairs on. While we say that, there are always curveballs, as there are some venting details to navigate. On this trailer there are some pop outs which the client had requested we install a new flat roof over […]