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Flat Roof Leaking Next to Exterior Wall of London Ontario Home

We were out in the North end of London Ontario this week. We were contacted by a homeowner who reported that water was coming into their garage, and they think its because of their flat roof section of their home. Upon our flat roof inspection at the home, we saw that the 15’ x 15’ roof was situated in a section where the shingled roof peaked to a flat roof, and at the detail where the flat roof meets the […]

Central London Ontario Porch Deck Flat Roof Replacement

Hi everyone, this week we were out in London Ontario in the middle of town, working on a walk out porch deck. The client said they needed our help as the deck was in a state of disrepair. This was one of our trickier and more complex home flat roof replacements, and was the most rotted out flat roof and deck system our team had seen. Unfortunately this roof had been leaking for a very long time, and so upon […]

How to Repair or Replace your own Flat Roof

This week we were at a beautiful heritage home, and we wanted to take some time to show you something a little different at Legacy Flat Roofs. We thought we would show you how you can install a new flat roof at your home. Many times you’ve seen us install a roof over the top of the existing flat roof because the condition of the roof was good enough to use, as there hadn’t been any perforations in the flat […]

Petrolia Ontario Commercial New Flat Roof

It’s a cold project this week! We are well into the fall season, and the temperatures are dropping! A different one this week, we’re working on a small commercial project. This client needs a new flat roof, as this one has deteriorated and needs replacing. It’s a small surface area, but there are a lot of details we need to work around and work with. There is a wall and permitter, as well as an eavestrough, vinyl siding detail. The […]

Brigden Ontario Flat Roof Repair Client Testimonial

Here what our latest customer had to say about our work! You can view the project video here.

Brigden Ontario Spanish style home flat roof repair

Hi everyone, we are back with another video. This was the first 3 day project we have had in a while, and it’s also another first for Legacy Flat Roofing – it was the first time having my sons out on the job helping, and teaching them all that we know, making Legacy Roofing a family affair, which we are really proud of. This was another residential job, a very nice and unique home, a Spanish style ornate home, with […]

New Flat Roof Installation Carport London Ontario

Well, we finally had one cool week before summer ends. This had to be one of the most humid summers we’ve experienced! (which was good as it forced us to shed some of those Covid pounds over the winter!) This week we were in the North end of London, Ontario, for what we would call a pretty straightforward flat roof project. The flat roof was over a carport / garage, it wasn’t a climate controlled spot, it was an open […]

Flat Roof Leak Emergency Repair (Chimney, Shingles, Eaves) London Ontario

Hi everyone! First video of 2021. We’ve been very busy already, lots of homeowners to help, but we wanted to post videos again now that the season is in full swing. For this project we were in the West end of London Ontario, at a residential home. The client has a flat roof over their garage, that leaks water every single time it rains. It leaks in a few parts: • There is a shingle tie in that leaks • […]

Testimonial Flat Roof Replacement Ingersoll Ontario

Here what one of our latest clients, Luke from Ingersoll Ontario had to say about our workmanship and customer service after replacing his flat roof that had been causing him issues. You can read about the project and watch our video by  clicking here.

Strathroy Ontario Trailer Home Roof Leak & New Flat Roof Install

This week we were in Strathroy Ontario, at a large trailer park. We had been called in as a trailer owner was having some small issues with water leaks, and they had another request. They asked us to provide a new flat roof that will last a long time, so that when the current owner sells the trailer a few years from now, the new owner will get a quality flat roof with their new trailer. We couldn’t believe how […]