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New Home Build Flat Roof & Metal Roof Installation in Bayfield Ontario

Last week we were out in beautiful Bayfield Ontario, working on a brand new house, right by the shores of Lake Huron. The client gave the Legacy Flat Roofing team the opportunity to work on this project, which admittedly stretched our imagination as to how to come up with a design that would be effective and pleasing to the client. There are 5 flat roof surfaces on this log home, 2 are using a 2 ply flat roof system, and […]

Duradek vinyl deck system installation on a cottage in Zurich, Ontario

Hi everyone, with the finer weather now here, we got to spend a couple of days at the beach in beautiful Zurich Ontario. It was still early May so no swimming on our lunch breaks ;) The Legacy Flat Roofing team were called in to work on a beautiful cottage, to install a brand new Duradek vinyl deck system. The thing that is fantastic about a Duradek system is the weather proofing. No rotting or warping wooden decks, which is […]

Downtown London Ontario Apartment 2ply Flat Roof System Re-Roof

Hi everyone, this week we were in downtown London, Ontario. Our team was called in to a multi tenant building to have their flat roof system re-rooofed. When we first went for our site inspection we noted that the roof was well past it’s lifetime, the client had reported the roof was having a lot of leaks, and in the first section of the video you can see that some repairs were undertaken on the roof, but without much success. […]

Insurance Claim Flat Roof Replacement in West London, Ontario

Hi everyone, this week the Legacy Flat Roof team were out in the West end of London, Ontario we are installing a new flat roof on a residential home, as part of a larger restoration project as part of an insurance claim. We were thankful to be hired by the restoration contractor for the flat roof installation. There are two flat roof sections to on this home that we are working on, both the same size, on either side of […]

Carport 2ply Mod Bit Flat Roof Installation Strathroy Ontario

This week we were out in the wind (apologies for the audio quality) and rain working in Strathroy Ontario, where we were called out by the homeowner as the carport needed a new roof. Normally if a roof is in decent enough shape we can go over the existing roof, but upon our first inspection we could see that this roof was in rough shape. The homeowner was almost considering tearing the carport out until the Legacy Flat Roofing team […]

Heritage Church Building Flat Roof Restoration Alvinston Ontario

This week we were working on a pretty high flat roof at a church in Alvinston Ontario. The client had called Legacy Flat Roofing out to assist them with a re-roof of their flat roof. They had a very old 2ply system, and our plan is to go over the existing system with a brand new 2ply system. It’s a pretty small roof, 13’ x 13’, not a lot of detail, a hatch and some metal work to be done […]

Duradek Vinyl Decking Installer/Contractor Central London Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were out in the central Part of London Ontario, installing another Duradek Vinyl Decking system. We really love this product, Duradek vinyl decking offers several benefits that make it an appealing solution for homeowners looking for durable and low-maintenance outdoor living spaces. It’s great for a Canadian climate too as it can withstand harsh winters and weather, as well as humid and hot summers. This client called Legacy Flat Roofing as they had an existing concrete […]

Garage 2ply Flat Roof Installation Services London Ontario

Hi everyone, this week Legacy Flat Roofing are in the south area of London Ontario near Wortley village, where we are part of a home addition project where the homeowner is installing a new garage. The contractor AJD Renovations who are an awesome company to work with have asked Legacy Flat Roofing to install a new 2 ply flat roof system on the roof, and provide them with beautiful new metal flashing. ADJ have done a great job getting the […]

Duradek Vinyl Decking Installation Services Grand Bend, Ontario

Hi Legacy fans, this week we were out in beautiful (but still frosty) Grand Bend, Ontario working on a home near Lake Huron. This is a brand new build, and it is a bit of a unique job as we were working with 4 different flat roofs/deck sections, and two different materials that are being installed. One one system we were installing a Duradek vinyl deck system. You’ve seen us do these before, and we’re going to give you a […]

New Flat Roof Installation over Car Garage Alvinston Ontario

This week as we enter the fall season we were out in Alvinston Ontario, a beautiful town about an hour South West of London Ontario. For this project we are at a home and we are installing a brand new flat roof over a carport. Carports or garage flat roof projects are a little easer to work on, as we don’t typically have to worry about things such as installing a vapour barrier or insulation like we do on a […]