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Flat Roof Preventative Maintenance

This was a call I went to. The client was concerned that the water was not draining off his roof. I recommended some minor repairs and some yearly maintenance. The owner of this house did not need to do a full roof replacement. With some low budget repairs and some clean up around the drains this client is going to save a lot of money and probally get another 4-8 years out of his roof

Leaking Flat Roof

Leaking flat roof, single ply EPDM membrane located in London Ontario.

Flooded Flat Roof

This is a roof I was called in to repair. The client was complaining about a consistent leak that would not stop. The client had already paid for a repair job with another roofer however the leak continued couple months after the repair had been completed. I will now repair the roof properly and video the repair being done and post it up.