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Grand Bend Ontario trailer leak – Client Testimonial

Greg in Grand Bend Ontario, shares his thoughts on a flat roof project we completed at his trailer in Grand Bend, which was experiencing water leaks. You can watch the video project here.

Grand Bend Ontario trailer leak – new flat roof installation and waterproofing

Hi everyone, we are in beautify Grand Bend Ontario this week, at a trailer park, where we are putting in a new roof system, and waterproofing other parts of the trailer. The client contacted us to get some leaks taken care of. The client has tried to repair the roof with some DIY projects in the past, it looks like they put a painted ply coating on it in previously and it wasn’t working. So because we have a decent […]

Flat Roof Leak Emergency Repair (Chimney, Shingles, Eaves) London Ontario

Hi everyone! First video of 2021. We’ve been very busy already, lots of homeowners to help, but we wanted to post videos again now that the season is in full swing. For this project we were in the West end of London Ontario, at a residential home. The client has a flat roof over their garage, that leaks water every single time it rains. It leaks in a few parts: • There is a shingle tie in that leaks • […]

Blenheim Ontario Flat Roof Leak Causing a Basement Flood

This week we are out in the countryside, in Blenheim Ontario. We are at a beautiful Spanish style residential home with a flat roof. The client contacted Legacy Flat Roofing as they were having a lot of issues with their roof, so they called us in to locate the roof, and find the most cost effective and professional flat roof repair to stop leaks. The client reported water coming into the house, and flooding the basement. It wasn’t just a […]

Gutter and Eavestrough Cleaning Services London Ontario

Hi everyone, just another quick demo at a residential home in London Ontario, showcasing our latest service offering: eavestrough cleaning services. Show you what the gutter looks like, we have a special tool that allows us to not have to climb ladders and get up onto the homeowners roof, which is safer for the crews, and safer for the homeowner’s property in general. Cleaning eavestrough every year before winter is important as it takes all the junk out of the […]

Flat Roof Surface Replacement Central London Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were in Central London Ontario. There was a definite chill in the air on this project! We’re not the biggest fans of winter as it creates so many issues with ice and water issues on homes, but we aim to fix that one flat roof at a time! We were at a small residential home, working on a fairly simple roofing section where the roof had definitely aged out, and needing replacing. It needed a […]

Client Testimonial New Flat Roof Thamesford Ontario

Mr. John in Thamesford Ontario gives us his thoughts on one of our recent flat roof projects, where we gave him a new flat roof after he was experience water leaks in his garage. You can check out the video of that project here.

New Garage Flat Roof Thamesford Ontario

Hey Legacy fans! This week we were out in Thamesford Ontario. Not the best week to be out on a roof, the Ontario summer is throwing a lot of humidity at us, but this is the gig, and we love the work we get to do for clients. The project was working on a flat roof over the top of a garage. It’s a very nice space, and the homeowner has been wanting to complete some interior renovations to the […]

Testimonial Flat Roof Replacement Ingersoll Ontario

Here what one of our latest clients, Luke from Ingersoll Ontario had to say about our workmanship and customer service after replacing his flat roof that had been causing him issues. You can read about the project and watch our video by  clicking here.

Flat Roof Patio Leak London Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were in central London Ontario, working at a residential home that was experiencing a flat roof leak. On the back of the home there is a patio on the second level seated on a flat roof. It’s a beautiful spot for sitting outside and enjoying the backyard. The client reported issues with water coming into the garage, it appeared to be coming in to the under the flashing area of the roof that attaches to […]