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Richmond Street London Ontario Flat Roof Leak Repair

Hey there everyone!  We’ve been super busy, but it’s been a while since we posted a new video! This latest project was for a flat roof repair in London Ontario on Richmond Street.  This was an odd section of roof as you can see in the video, there were two sections that we had to use to access, it was about 55 feet up and we had to use two separate ladders, so getting material up and down was a […]

North West London Ontario Flat Roof Repair – 100% Customer Satisfaction

We were a little disappointed this week as we accidentally deleted our main project video of a flat roof repair project we completed in the North West side of London Ontario. This couple found our website via Google and gave us a call, we provided them with references and an honest quote and timeframe, they gave us the green light, and you can see for yourself. While we were disappointed our video didn’t turn out, we don’t ever disappoint our […]

Cracked Flat Roof Seam (water leaking into bathroom) London Ontario

This latest project was in the East End of London Ontario, doing a repair to a flat roof. This client was actually a repeat customer, which we were excited about because we love it when clients love our work. The previous repair wad done around a chimney stack, now a few years later the client is having a leak in their roof that is coming into their home into their bathroom. We measured off some locations, and began to remove […]

Burgesville Ontario Flat Roof Replacement

This week we were in Burgesville Ontario working on a flat roof at the back of a residential home. It’s a fairly small job, its a 10’x13’ existing mod bit roof, which we will replace the entire roof. There is a sliding door detail that walks out onto the roof which the client may make into a patio at some stage. The client just bought the home and noticed rotting wood underneath the roof deck by the door. The client […]

Pooling water on flat roof London Ontario

This week we were in the North East end of London Ontario working on a flat roof. This was a bit of a different scenario than we normally face. We were called in not because a client had a flat roof that was old or leaking, we were called in because a client had a flat roof section that had a large amount of water pooling on the roof and wasn’t shedding water. On top of that the flat roof […]

Deck Canopy Strathroy Ontario

For this project we were out on a rural property in Strathroy Ontario. A home owner was having a front porch placed at the front step of their deck which is also doubling as a small patio for their master bedroom. This will not only be a shelter for the front entrance but it will be a mini retreat for the home owner to sit and enjoy the scenery and perhaps a cup of coffee! The porch was made of […]

Should I use a metal roof or flat roof?

We were on a job this week in Kirktown Ontario, doing a residential job on a 2 storey home. The home had a 4 ply flat roof and then the homeowners had a metal roof put over the top of the 4 ply system, but the slope of the roof wasn’t enough to keep water from running off the roof, so at the back of the house the roof was taking in water. You can see in the video that […]

South London Semi with shingles and a flat roof

This project was for a semi-detached home in South London. It was a 2 day project, and amazingly we got the contract to do both sides of the house, which is a good thing to do if you’re a home owner of a semi, because it can solve a lot of issues and disputes down the road if both owners have the roof repaired at the same time. Imagine how mad you would be if you had your side repaired […]

Shingle & Flat Roof Tie-in Glencoe Ontario

This is the second section of roof we were doing in this video here. Its in Glencoe Ontario, on a residential home, the size of the roof area was about 700 square feet, the client was having some issues with the transition between the shingle and flat roof section. On that transition there was a lot of snow getting trapped in that section during the winter, and the roof had a lot of water flowing over that section during heavy […]

Flat Roof Skylight detail Glencoe Ontario

This week we were in Glencoe Ontario, working on a residential home. There were 2 sections of flat roofs for this part, you can view the other section of the roof here. In the one section there was a low sloping shingle roof, where we eliminated the shingles and created a flat roof system on it. The reason for this is that on a shingled roof that has a slight angle only the ice and water builds up in the […]