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Shingle & Flat Roof Tie-in Glencoe Ontario

This is the second section of roof we were doing in this video here. Its in Glencoe Ontario, on a residential home, the size of the roof area was about 700 square feet, the client was having some issues with the transition between the shingle and flat roof section. On that transition there was a lot of snow getting trapped in that section during the winter, and the roof had a lot of water flowing over that section during heavy […]

Flat Roof Skylight detail Glencoe Ontario

This week we were in Glencoe Ontario, working on a residential home. There were 2 sections of flat roofs for this part, you can view the other section of the roof here. In the one section there was a low sloping shingle roof, where we eliminated the shingles and created a flat roof system on it. The reason for this is that on a shingled roof that has a slight angle only the ice and water builds up in the […]

Flat Roof Tie In East London Ontario Duplex

This project was in London Ontario on the East side of town for a duplex. Our job was to tie in two flat roof systems, there was one section of the roof that was completed about 3-4 years ago, our job today was to fix the other half of the roof and tie it in to the newest section of flat roof. The section that needed to be fixed was in terrible shape, highlighted by all the extreme rainfall that […]

Victorian Home Flat Roof Repair Woodstock Ontario

We were in Woodstock Ontario this week, working on a Victorian style home, over 100 years old. The home was 2.5 stories high (so safety was a big concern for us this week), instead of a regular peak the roof had a large flat roof section on it. The client had been experiencing water coming through their light fixtures inside their home, and upon inspection of the roof we found out why. The home owner had some flat roof contractors […]

Extend the life of your Flat Roof

Listen to what our latest client from St. Thomas Ontario had to say about the EPDM flat roof system we put into his home. He found us online, we responded to his request for a quote within 2 hours of receiving his message, we came out and fixed his flat roof, put down fresh trim and resealed his seams, and he will easily get another 10 years of life out of his roof. Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal – […]

Total Customer Satisfaction: ask our flat roof client in London Ontario

This video was a review of the project we did in central London, you can watch that project here. Our client was the owner of Crazy Al’s Motosports in London Ontario, you can visit their website here. Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal – Serving all of SouthWestern Ontario: Lambeth, Windsor, Belmont, Chatham, Sarnia, Wyoming, London, Woodstock, St. Thomas, Wallaceburg

Central London Ontario Canopy Flat Roof Scupper Repair

This was a repair project in central London Ontario, where we were repairing a front canopy covering the entrance to the home. We don’t know how designed the roof, or perhaps who repaired the roof previously, but it was a very sloppy job that had been causing some problems for the home owner. You can see it in the video, the canopy had some water ponding on it, and the existing water that would run off the roof was not […]

Flat roof leak deteriorating stucco surface London Ontario

We were in a house in Central London Ontario this week, working on a small canopy at the front of a large luxury home. The canopy has a flat roof surface on it, with a stucco surface underneath that you can see as you walk up to the house entrance. Water had been leaking through the flat roof and had been getting the stucco wet, and the stucco had been deteriorating and breaking. Also in the winter the dripping water […]

We stop roof leaks that frequently occur during spring and ice thaws!

Ask our latest flat roof client from London Ontario on what she thought of our work! If you want to see the project he was referring to, click here.

Ice and water leaking into shingle and flat roof in London Ontario

We were out at a home in London Ontario, where we have a flat roof tying into two shingled roof sections of a residential home. This job made us scratch our head a little, a roofing contractor who had been on the site previous had installed shingles on the flat roof section. Sadly, this isn’t the first time we have had to fix this sort of problem before. Needless to say, the flat roof section was not doing it’s job […]