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Flat Roof Replacement North End London Ontario

Hey everyone, this week we were in London Ontario in the North end of the city, working on a decent sized residential flat roof. This was an interesting project, we were called out as the client had an existing single ply flat roof that had met it’s life expectancy. The single ply was beginning to rip open, when we inspected the roof the insulation was wet. This can cause major issues inside of a home once the flat roof seams […]

Should I use a metal roof or flat roof?

We were on a job this week in Kirktown Ontario, doing a residential job on a 2 storey home. The home had a 4 ply flat roof and then the homeowners had a metal roof put over the top of the 4 ply system, but the slope of the roof wasn’t enough to keep water from running off the roof, so at the back of the house the roof was taking in water. You can see in the video that […]

Flat Roof Tie In East London Ontario Duplex

This project was in London Ontario on the East side of town for a duplex. Our job was to tie in two flat roof systems, there was one section of the roof that was completed about 3-4 years ago, our job today was to fix the other half of the roof and tie it in to the newest section of flat roof. The section that needed to be fixed was in terrible shape, highlighted by all the extreme rainfall that […]

Re-Roof Flat Roof project London Ontario

This week we had a small project on a residential house in the East side of London, Ontario. There were two flat roof sections, one on the front of the house covering the porch, around 200sqft, and then a back section covering some interior space, 4ff x 20ft. On the front section we placed a separation layer between the old roof surface and the new roof. There were some wet sections of plywood so we cut that out and replaced […]

Flat roof asphalt repair and reseal in Wyoming Baptist Church Ontario

We were out working at Wyoming Baptist Church this week, working on a small portion of their flat roof. (You can find out what the client thought of our work here) Their main roofing system was a sloped metal roof system, however there was a section of roof where two air conditioning units were situated that were on a flat section of roof, using a 2ply modified roof system. The church was having leaks in this section of roof, there […]

How to waterproof and prevent ice and snow getting through metal flashing

We like to reuse metal siding if its in good condition because it saves clients a lot of money by not making an unnecessary decision to replace the metal. Some roofing companies just tuck the membrane underneath the flashing and they don’t remove it. We carefully remove the old metal siding, make sure the pieces are labelled so they can be easily reinstalled. You can see in the video how we have taken the drip flashing off. Then we put […]

Save money on flat roof repair Sarnia Ontario

This Canada long weekend we were busy working out in Sarnia Ontario, working on a residential flat roof system. I brought my special helper along for the ride with me this time (make sure you leave him a comment to say hi!). We were working on a regular 4ply built up roof with pea stones on it. The client had been complaining that the roof was allowing water into their house, they originally thought it was a leak in the […]

How To Tie In A Flat roof With A Shingle Roof

This latest project was in early December in Lambeth Ontario for a residential home that had an existing sloped or shingled roof that needed to tie into a new flat roof that we had created. This one took a lot of work, we had to clean off the snow and then melt the snow and get the roof dry so we could work on it! We had to remove 2 courses of shingles so that we could create the transition […]

How to save money on your flat roof project

This project was for the roof of a detached garage in London Ontario. The client wanted this project to be cost effective, so we advised that if the client could remove the old membrane themselves, we could just clean up the surface and save money. And because we know that our clients want the most cost effective roof repair they can, we recommended to them and we advise you that if your eaves trough are in decent condition, have your […]

Save money by doing one half of roof per season

This project is a little different than others we have done before. At Legacy Roofs, we are a family orientated company, and we know what it’s like to live on a tight budget. Something that we like to offer our clients as a way to save money yet still get quality work done is to have half of a roof done one season, and then save up to have the other half done. It’s a way we serve our clients […]