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Stonington Accents – Flat Roof Leak Repair

A customer was having issues with water coming in on their flat roof. We went up on the roof and found that there had been some cheap repairs made on the roof that weren’t holding up against the weather, and some of the flashing and membrane had come loose. Legacy Flat Roofing to the rescue.

Grovsner Street Flat Roof Leak Repair

A customer was having issues with water coming in on their flat roof that was tied into the shingled part of her roof, due to the slope of the flat roof. She trusted Legacy Flat Roofing to come in and do a quality repair to get rid of the troubles that she had been having since day one.

New Flat Roof Installation

This video is of a contract we completed from start to finish. This production plant in south western ontario needed The installation of a 2 ply felt vapour retarder mopped onto the concrete deck, roofing insulation and a 2 ply modified roofing system complete with metal flashing.

Flat Roof Preventative Maintenance

This was a call I went to. The client was concerned that the water was not draining off his roof. I recommended some minor repairs and some yearly maintenance. The owner of this house did not need to do a full roof replacement. With some low budget repairs and some clean up around the drains this client is going to save a lot of money and probally get another 4-8 years out of his roof

Leaking Flat Roof

Leaking flat roof, single ply EPDM membrane located in London Ontario.

Flooded Flat Roof

This is a roof I was called in to repair. The client was complaining about a consistent leak that would not stop. The client had already paid for a repair job with another roofer however the leak continued couple months after the repair had been completed. I will now repair the roof properly and video the repair being done and post it up.