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Ilderton Ontario flat roof shingle tie-in and roof taper

One one side of the flat roof there was a shingled roof joining into the flat roof, on the other side by the edge of the roof was a small scupper that wasn’t really being very effective. There were two issues with the roof due to its design, in the winter time there was about 4 feet of snow sitting on it which was an issue because of the transition between the flat and singled roof, and when it rained, […]

Downtown London Ontario flat roof patio

We were in a downtown London Ontario home this week, working on the back roof portion of the home. Many moons ago the owner had put an addition on the back of the house, and now they are looking at putting a patio on the top of the addition, building a deck and installing a guard rail so they can have somewhere to relax. We were called in to replace the existing flat roof, and get the building waterproofed and […]

North London Flat Roof Leak Repair

We’re at a home in North London Ontario, where we are doing a small roof repair, it’s not a re-roof, our goal is to just stop a leak. The roof is in decent enough condition to not have to do a replacement, we are targeting a leak and that’s it. What is happening is you can see in the video we have an edge detail, its a single ply system which we don’t normally deal with because it’s not all […]

Richmond Street London Ontario Flat Roof Leak Repair

Hey there everyone!  We’ve been super busy, but it’s been a while since we posted a new video! This latest project was for a flat roof repair in London Ontario on Richmond Street.  This was an odd section of roof as you can see in the video, there were two sections that we had to use to access, it was about 55 feet up and we had to use two separate ladders, so getting material up and down was a […]

North West London Ontario Flat Roof Repair – 100% Customer Satisfaction

We were a little disappointed this week as we accidentally deleted our main project video of a flat roof repair project we completed in the North West side of London Ontario. This couple found our website via Google and gave us a call, we provided them with references and an honest quote and timeframe, they gave us the green light, and you can see for yourself. While we were disappointed our video didn’t turn out, we don’t ever disappoint our […]

Cracked Flat Roof Seam (water leaking into bathroom) London Ontario

This latest project was in the East End of London Ontario, doing a repair to a flat roof. This client was actually a repeat customer, which we were excited about because we love it when clients love our work. The previous repair wad done around a chimney stack, now a few years later the client is having a leak in their roof that is coming into their home into their bathroom. We measured off some locations, and began to remove […]

Burgesville Ontario Flat Roof Replacement

This week we were in Burgesville Ontario working on a flat roof at the back of a residential home. It’s a fairly small job, its a 10’x13’ existing mod bit roof, which we will replace the entire roof. There is a sliding door detail that walks out onto the roof which the client may make into a patio at some stage. The client just bought the home and noticed rotting wood underneath the roof deck by the door. The client […]

Burgesville Ontario Flat Roof Replacement Testimonial

Hear what our client thought about the project we completed on their flat roof section at the rear of their home. You can view the project post and video by clicking here. Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal – Serving all of SouthWestern Ontario: Strathroy, Glencoe, Woodstock, Lambeth, Windsor, Belmont, Chatham, Sarnia, Wyoming, London, St. Thomas, Wallaceburg, Burgesville

Leaking skylight repair London Ontario Client Testimonial

See what our client thought of the latest project we did at their home installing a new flat roof system, leaking skylight repair and new eavestrough installation. You can view the video of the project here. Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal – Serving all of SouthWestern Ontario: Strathroy, Glencoe, Woodstock, Lambeth, Windsor, Belmont, Chatham, Sarnia, Wyoming, London, St. Thomas, Wallaceburg

Leaking skylight repair London Ontario

This week we were at Central London on Barkley’s Road working on a residential home. The section we were working on was an addition that was put on the home, where a flat roof was tied into a shingled section of roof. The flat roof was a pre-insulated panel, pre-fabricated flat roof system that was installed by a sub contractor. There was some issues with this roof, there was some leaking around the skylight detail, there were some leaks where […]