Central London Ontario Flat Roof replacement after storm damage

Legacy Flat Roofs were called out for this project on a 2200sqft home in central London Ontario. This was an instance claim by the homeowner as a huge tree fell down during a storm and hit the roof, and punctured the old flat roof membrane, causing leaking issues that needed to be fixed immediately.

We started filming on day 2 as day 1 was so busy

Sometimes in construction you get lucky – when we tore off this roof we had asphaltic board underneath, so we are going to use that as the substrate, fasten it down, and put a base sheet underneath. The client was extremely fortunate as it saved us a lot of money in labour hours and materials, as they get to keep all the insulation underneath the asphaltic board.

We had to take off some shingles where the angled roof tied into the flat roof. To ensure a water tight system where water sheds properly off the roof and away from the property, we remove shingles, bring up the membrane underneath the shingles, and then put the shingles back down.

By the time day 2 was done we were able to get the base sheet applied to the first section. On day 3 when removing the old flat roof materials we noted some decking issues that needed to be addressed. The tree near the house had fallen onto the flat roof, so some deck boards needed to be replaced. Once the deck boards were replaced, we fastened down sopraboards. We need sopraboard so that we can prime the roof without the glue leaking into the client’s home. Then we put down base sheet, new metal flashing, and a new 2ply mod bit flat roof system.

We wanted to show you in the video how we heat weld the membrane seams. We use a heat gun, a roller, and generate heat until we see the asphalt activate and bleed out, then we roll it. This provides a perfect watertight seal as water cannot leak back underneath the membrane. Its very patient work, but always worthwhile in it for the end for the client!

If you need a new flat roof, a leaking flat roof or just need some maintenance and repairs done please give us a call!