Central London Ontario home renovation new flat roof installation

This week the Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal crew are out in central London Ontario at a full home renovation. The homeowner has completely gutted the home, and now they are working on the roofing system.

There is a small flat roof section, but it does have some intricate details we wanted to show you. The current older roofing system is a single ply EPDM roof, which we are going to remove, take it down to the get down to the deck, clean it up, tie in shingles, put in new metal flashing.

First we had to remove the existing single ply EPDM, which was adhered to the roof, which we cut and removed, exposing the wooden deck.

There was a shingle tie in, and in a roof where there is a shingled roof meeting a flat roof, we always have to make sure we remove the shingles to integrate the new flat roof system. This is done by taking the membrane about 2 feet underneath where the shingles are. This time a roofing contractor from the London area will install new shingles once we have completed our work, so we were able to remove a few rows of shingles and install our flat roof system.

A chimney has been removed, and the general contractor reframed the roof for us so we can install the new roof right over the entire flat section of roof.

We installed the base sheet to the wooden decking below, this way if any water does happen to make it into the shingles, it has to go over our base sheet. For added water proofing protection we are also going to apply felt paper over the base sheet. It can seem a little overboard, but ask any homeowner that has experienced a roof leak in the past, and you will see how much these extra steps are appreciated.

Once the base sheet was down we installed our metal flashing. Metal flashing will catch any water, and ensure that it is properly controlled as water exits the roof system and away from the home. And as you can see in the video, it finishes off the roof and provides great curb appeal.

Once that is done we prime the base sheet, and apply our 2 ply modified bitumen roofing system, then heat welded the seams. We laid the flat roof membrane in such a way as to create as little seams as possible, ensuring less risk of any water leak or issues in the future.

If you need a new flat roof, a leaking flat roof or just need some maintenance and repairs done please give us a call.