Downtown London Ontario Flat Roof Canopy Deck Replacement

This week we were in beautiful London Ontario near the downtown area.

We were in a residential home, working on 500 square foot canopy flat roof. The existing was a smooth surface asphalt with a coating on it, upon the flat roof investigation it appeared that attempts had been made a few times in the past to resurface the roof.

Now its gone down to the decking you can see the wooden planks through the cracks of the roof surface. It was definitely leaking, and would require a full re-roof.

New substrate on over the top of this roof, put some new metal flashing, we have a trough run along the outside of the house perimeter that we are going to redo.

We put the new substrate on, it was a 1/8” board. Then we put a peel and stick membrane which is our base sheet. We use peel and stick because its safer than torching a roof that has wood in it, or using a 500 degree hot asphalt kettle to heat the material. In the interests of safety and not causing further damage, we use peel and stick. We brought up the base sheet up on the brick detail, and we will also put a membrane over that, then metal flashing for extra water proofing.

From there we prime the top of the base sheet. Then we apply the cap sheet to the membrane. We installed white metal flashing around the brick detail, and installed the downspout. If you remember what the roof looked like previously, its 100% waterproof now, and the owners of the home can use their canopy roof deck any time, in any weather!