Downtown London Ontario Flat Roof Leak Repair

This week we were at an church building in Central London Ontario in the Ridout Street area. The building was needing a repair to their 4ply built up flat roof system as they were experiencing some leaking and dripping inside of their building so they called us in to check it out.

This job involved a bit of investigation to find the water leak as it wasn’t as clear as other times when we stand up on the roof and look around.

There was a new vent stack installed, another spot with an old vent stack, a spot where steel shingles were tied into the masonry and the flat roof, as well as some metal flashing that could be where the problem resided.

We swept and spudded the pea stone roof so we could take a look around the new and old vent stacks, checking for cracks in the seams of the roof but again nothing stood out or showed up in the course of our investigation.

We decided to take a closer look at the older vent stack, we went into the building and opened the ceiling to check out what was happening inside the building. When we pulled the cap off the vent stack we noticed some water inside the vent stack, there was definitely some ponding inside of the stack. We didn’t know where it led, if it was tied to a kitchen or bathroom but we definitely found the culprit.

We installed a new cap so the water would shed over the top of the stack and no water could get in. We insulated the vent sleeve to avoid any condensation building up and getting into the building. Then we waterproofed around the stack and got the pea stone back over the top of the new membrane. Problem solved!

We weren’t able to show you the after video because we got called away to another job, it was one of those days!