Duradek Flat Roof Deck Installation in Grand Bend Ontario

This week in Ontario we were having some amazing weather, and our team was out at Grand Bend Ontario at a home right by the river and marina, a beautiful spot.

The client has a flat roof deck that is overlooking the river, and they called in Legacy Flat Roofing to install a new Duradek Flat Roof Deck system.

Duradek is an ideal product if you have a deck on a flat roof. In our opinion these are better than a wood deck system, as they are prone to issues when it comes to water, wood is now extremely expensive, and they don’t stand the test of time.

Duradek systems are waterproof and walkable – they can be installed right on top of the flat roof surface and comes in a variety of colour and style options, has a great warranty and lasts for years and years.

For this project we were fortunate to have the framing and structure completed for us, when we arrived on site the plywood was installed already and was quite level. This step is critical to ensure the roof system is perfectly even, so is no pooling of water or water control issues.

Because any imperfections in the substrate will be shown on the Duradek, we use a process similar to mudding and taping with drywall – we ‘mud’ the joints with the mortar compound, then we sand it so it is perfectly smooth. This can take a few hours of measuring and sanding, but it is critical as once the vinyl Duradek is adhered to the plywood substrate there is no going back, which is why a professional installation such as the one we do at Legacy Flat Roofing is the way to go if you’re considering a Duradek system for your home.

Then we got the surface cleaned up so we could put the adhesive down, and installed the system. We finished it off with a bit of metal flashing, and now the client can get the railing installed and enjoy their new flat roof deck!