Duradek vinyl deck system installation on a cottage in Zurich, Ontario

Hi everyone, with the finer weather now here, we got to spend a couple of days at the beach in beautiful Zurich Ontario. It was still early May so no swimming on our lunch breaks 😉

The Legacy Flat Roofing team were called in to work on a beautiful cottage, to install a brand new Duradek vinyl deck system. The thing that is fantastic about a Duradek system is the weather proofing. No rotting or warping wooden decks, which is perfect for this area as the cottage is so close to the water you’re almost getting sprayed by the waves! Duradek systems allow you to enjoy your deck for far more months of the year than a traditional deck.

We kind of jumped into this video right at the end of the project so you can’t see any progress as we worked on the job, but you can see the work that went into it. We’ve been installing Duradek systems all around Ontario the past couple of years, normally we do these installs on new builds, but this was an existing home that wanted a new deck system.

We had a few details to work around such as the sliding door, as well as siding. We were able to take off a layer of the siding and get a membrane installed up and under the siding to water proof it, and we got under the door sills as well to project the home from water. We had to work around a set of steps, the deck columns, and remove the railing to get our membrane all the way under, and then secure the railing and retire the columns. We also had to work around a gas pipe feed for a BBQ up on the deck too.

The client had a wrap around porch so this was a big project, you can see in the video that it wraps all the way around. We’re so happy with the way this comes out, we love installing Duradek systems. Now the client has an amazing view, the sound of Lake Huron lapping against the shore and only a few feet from the deck – what a view.

If you’re in the SouthWestern Ontario area and you’d like to know more about Duradek systems, or you want a quote on an installation, please reach out to us at Legacy Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we’d love to talk to you.