Duradek Vinyl Decking Installation New Home Build London Ontario

Here this week in the West end of London Ontario, working on a brand new house build. We’ve been called out by the home builder to install a new Duradek vinyl decking system, which is part of a roofed over living space.

We prep the area by filling in any gaps and inconsistencies in the surface. We want the surface to be as level as possible, so we use a compound to fill in the gaps, then sand them smooth. It’s almost the same as mudding and taping when it comes to to drawling. We don’t want any imperfections to carry through to the finished surface. We’re a little OCD when it comes to this process, so it can take some time, but we want total satisfaction for the client.

Once the surface is prepped, and the wood substrate is smooth, we install the vinyl membrane onto the wood deck. We make sure to bring the Duradek up around the edge of the wall, and up under the sliding door, to ensure a water proof seal around the deck as there will be ice and snow build up. It also looks great in the other sections once siding is completed.

There was one column detail – this will be part of a railing system and will be covered in cladding at some point during the build. We worked around the column with the Duradek, then we installed a nice polyurethane sealant to enclose the transition in materials. To keep it neat and tidy we use painters tape so our lines are straight.

We know what you’re thinking while watching the video, and we want to assure you – there is no need for anxiety when you see those bubbles in the vinyl decking – the bubbles are completely normal, and they go away as the Duradek sets over the next couple of days 😉 The finished result will be perfectly smooth.

We didn’t capture this in the video, but once the Duradek is installed we installed we installed metal drip flashing around the edge of the deck to finish off the look, and created added protection against the harsh elements.

If you’re interested in having a Duradek system installed at your home or business please reach out to Legacy Roofing!