Duradek Vinyl Decking Installer/Contractor Central London Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were out in the central Part of London Ontario, installing another Duradek Vinyl Decking system. We really love this product, Duradek vinyl decking offers several benefits that make it an appealing solution for homeowners looking for durable and low-maintenance outdoor living spaces. It’s great for a Canadian climate too as it can withstand harsh winters and weather, as well as humid and hot summers.

This client called Legacy Flat Roofing as they had an existing concrete deck with tiles on it, however the deck was deteriorating and had water leaks, so the entire thing was removed, and a new wood deck was installed. The entire deck was reframed with new wood sheeting, which is good news for us as a Duradek system loves a well made substrate to live on!

Preparation is key so we have to make sure there are no dips or bumps on the wood deck, meaning any wood screws that are too far up we have to get back into the wood, and any dips we need to use a cement to essentially mud the wood like you would with drywall, so the entire area is level and smooth.

Duradek comes in 6’ wide rolls, and is adhered to the deck. The contact adhesive is applied to the deck as well as the back of the Duradek material and slowly and carefully applied to the substrate. We slightly overlap the seams, and we use a heat welding method with a roller to activate and seal the two surfaces together, creating a waterproof bond.

We had a few details to work with, the patio door stayed in place so we had to bring the system up and over the door seal to give it an effective waterproof seal. We also brought the vinyl up a little higher where the wall connects with the deck, and cap that with metal so that the transition is fully protected. We installed the material up to the edge of the metal flashing to give it a great look, and the client will have an eavestrough installed around the outside of the deck for water control.

The project turned out wonderful and we think the client is going to be thrilled, and have a great spot in their backyard to enjoy for many, many carefree years.