Duradek Vinyl Flat Roof Deck Installation London Ontario

This is something new for you viewers, a product we haven’t made an installation video of yet.

We were called out to a clients home in London, Ontario, as they had a flat roof walk out deck that needed some work. The client has been enjoying this deck area 8 months of the year, as its a covered deck and it can be enjoyed during rain or snow as long as the deck is dry.

However the client has noticed that some of the ceramic tiles have been coming loose, and they wanted a new deck system and had asked Legacy Roofing & Sheet Metal to do the install.

For this project we are using a product called Duradek, and Legacy Roofing is proud to announce that we provide this product in Southwestern Ontario.

Duradek is a vinyl deck & roof deck waterproofing solution. It’s a beautiful product, and looks incredible. It’s great for walk-out decks where the client doesn’t want to build a wood deck over the roof.

The project involved removing the ceramic tile, remove the wooden subfloor, reframe the deck, and install the Duradek membrane.

We’ve protected the column, hand rails, the glass glazing as well as the beautiful vinyl siding, as we prepared to remove the ceramic tile, and as soon as we began to remove the tile, we could see that the flat roof had been failing for a while now.

The issue with ceramic tile when it is exposed to the elements is ultimately its getting rotted out. Water gets underneath the tiles, it can freeze and dislodge the tiles.

You can see how the tile had been letting water into the wooden deck, and after years of exposure to the elements, the wood deck had begun to rot out, so it was good timing on the homeowner’s part to have this done, before any further damage could take place.

With Duradek you won’t get any water coming underneath as it is adhered right to the wood deck.

We had to do some framing once we got the rotted wood substrate off. Proper framing is everything when it comes to a Duradek system so we wanted to make sure we got this right. We also wanted to create a slight taper away from the home so water runs off away from the house.

We replaced the insulation, and inserted more R20 insulation into the deck to protect the garage underneath and keep it decently insulated. Then we put down new plywood for the Duradek system.

We apologize that we weren’t able to show you our team installing it, we just used a few photos, but the install process was all hands on deck (no pun intended) and we needed to concentrate!

The system installed beautifully. We put some Alsans around the columns because its a block wall and it needed a flexible watertight seal.

New flashing by the siding transition to the deck, and installed a drip flashing over the hidden eavestrough (which is a really beautiful eavestrough system).

Sorry about the wind noise during the video – hey, we’re flat roofers!

If you’re interested in a Duradek system for your flat roof deck, please reach out to our team, we would love to chat with you.