East Park Amusement Park New Flat Roof Install London, Ontario

Hi everyone, the Legacy Flat Roofing team were out in East London today, working oddly enough at a place that is our family favourite – East Park! Unfortunately for our team the slide wasn’t operating for our lunch break 😉

We were called out as one of their buildings, which had a metal roof on it was having non stop issues with water leaks, and they kept sinking money into it, without success. Upon our initial inspection we could see why no amount of money would fix the issue, it was covered in asphalt patches, nothing was working. The slope on the roof wasn’t steep enough to shed water.

East Park are planning on building a tower structure above and over this building, so our plan was to remove the metal roof entirely, made sure the substrate was solid, in good condition and dry, then we installed sopraboard, which is an asphaltic cover board used in for use in multi-ply modified bitumen membrane, and also serves as a protection board for waterproofing application

With the sopraboard down we installed a waterproof membrane, however this is a different product than we normally use. This is a sturdier peel and stick base sheet,, but it’s called a dual salvage edge release sheet. On this product the ends are heat welded. With the base sheet down, we install the metal flashing and then eavestrough, then we prime the base sheet and install the cap sheet.

We’re really happy with this project, the job turned out great, and now they have a proper flat roof system that they can properly build upon. East Park was a wonderful client to work with, we really appreciate them using Legacy Flat Roofing.