EPDM Flat Roof Leak, Replaced with 2ply Modified Bitumen System in Rodney, Ontario

Hi everyone, this week Legacy Roofing were out in beautiful Rodney, Ontario. We were called out by a homeowner who was having constant leaking issues and frustrations with a section of flat roof. The flat roof was at the peak of their home, tied into a slate roof (it was a very stately and beautiful home, we don’t see a lot of slate roofs).

The homeowner said the flat roof area had been leaking a lot for a long time, and after inspecting the roof, we recommended a roof replacement.

The section wasn’t big, it was an 8’ x 16’ roof area, however it was using an EPDM system. EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer and it is a very durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane. They are durable, however time, foot traffic or debris can cause the membrane to tear. We saw that the roof was showing its age, and we find these roofs aren’t easy to repair or maintain as a 2ply mod bit system, which was why we recommended a full replacement instead of the cat and mouse game with this old system.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a lot of video on this one, as we were distracted by the intense heat and humidity of the Ontario summer (which we still prefer over winter and snow!). But you can see how the job turned out. This roof system will last the homeowner for years to come and provide a lot of peace of mind.

Trivia time: there was a “widows walk” that we roofed in in the centre of the roof. Without googling, let us know in the comments below why you think they would refer to it as something like that!