Roof Leaks


Flat roof leak detection is an art and a science all in itself.  As a flat roof repair specialist we are fully equipped to locate and repair any leak we come up against.  We are trained in all the different types and systems of flat roofing and our building science knowledge give us an edge against any other flat roof repair company in London Ontario.

When our clients call us they know that we will complete the repair as cost efficient and quickly as possible allowing then the peace of mind that they have a company that is striving to correct any problems they have.  We also guarantee any repair that we complete.

At Legacy Flat Roofing all leak calls are of utmost importance.  We work hard to reply to all leak call within the same day.  We are fully equipped to detect and repair any flat roof leaks immediately on site.

If you are experiencing any flat roof leaks give us a call and put our office staff and crews to work for you.  We want you to be pleased that you called us and that you have the best possible flat roof company in London Ontario working to solve your problem.