Flat Roof Bubbling & Blistering Repair London Ontario

(This was one heck of a windy day up on the roof, be gracious to us with the audio!)

This week we were in London Ontario, in the north end of the city at a residential home. This place was a beautiful home in a really nice part of town.

The homeowner called in Legacy Flat Roofs as their home has a large flat roof section which is comprised of a granular cap sheet.

The client has noticed a few spots of the flat roof where it has been blistering and bubbling, so they reached out to Legacy Flat Roofing to come in and take a look to see what was wrong, and how we can get things fixed so the roof continues to have plenty of life left in it.

Typically when you see bubbles or blisters in a flat roof, it occurs when the cap sheet begins to separate from the base sheet underneath. It can also occur from trapped moisture expanding.

Our plan was to clean the roof surface off, dry the roof, prime the roof, and put a new cap sheet on the sections that need addressing. There is no point doing a re-roof, the system is in good condition, so we can make sure we do a quality repair, add longevity to the roof, while at the same time saving the client a lot of money on their flat roof repair.

You can see two main sections where the roof is bubbling, near the sloped section of the roof that leads water to the scupper to get water off the roof, and the other is near a skylight detail. We found a few more spots and did repairs on those too as we did notice bubbling and lifting up of the membrane.

This job was just a patch repair, we put an elastic mastic around the edges of the new roof, and heat welded the seams to ensure no water or moisture can penetrate the roofing system and cause further issues.

Legacy Flat Roofing can do all sorts of repairs, and new flat roof installations. If you’re having trouble with your roof, or you are worried about your flat roof, send us an email or give us a call and we will be glad to take a look!