Flat Roof Installation


Roofing is a very specialized trade with very smart people working in the industry.  Legacy Flat Roofing strives to deliver a roof that will stand up to everything we believe in.  We are constantly bidding on new roofing within the construction industry, privately or through our repeat customers.  Our roofing crews are well trained in the art of efficiently and cost effectively installing a new roof like no other flat roofing company in London Ontario.  I have personally been involved in the completion of new flat roofs all throughout South Western Ontario.  Whether you are installing a new flat roof at your home, a property owner or a general contractor we are willing to sit down with you and discuss any needs you may have.  There is no other flat roofing contractor in London Ontario that takes as much ownership and pride of work as we do.

Our knowledge and know how allows us to complete your project on time and under budget.  We follow all Canadian Roofing Contractors Association guidelines and are consistently training our employees on new roofing products.

When designing a new roof for any client careful thought is always given as to the use of the building.  A building that may have an Olympic sized swimming pool would not receive the same roof as a building that is being used for a storage warehouse.  We take pride in our knowledge of building sciences and believe that looking at the building as a whole is a better way to tackle any problem then just looking at the roof as a single entity.

Regardless of the size of your roofing project we would love to hear from you.  Even if all you are looking for is some advice to steer you in the proper direction we would be more than willing to assist you in the completion of your roofing project.