Flat Roof Installation on New Home Build in Komoka Ontario

Hello Legacy fans! Our video this week showcases the Legacy Flat Roofing team out in Komoka, Ontario at a brand new home build. We were tasked with completing two projects:

  1. Install a new flat roof system on this brand new home build
  2. Install a Duradek vinyl deck system

The project will be broken up into two parts as the home wasn’t ready for us to do both jobs side by side. So today’s video is part one and is just focusing on the flat roof, and we will put out a part two video when the builder is ready for Legacy to install the Duradek system. The deck will be installed in a walk out balcony coming off the master bedroom. This system is going to use a hidden trough to capture water and control it away from the deck. You don’t see these a lot so we’re eager to do something different.

This is very unique style of home as you can see, we’re excited to be a part of this project and making sure the building envelope of this home is protected with a high quality new flat roof. It’s also nice to be a part of brand new home builds as the homes are framed extremely well, this home was no exception, so these projects usually go more smoothly without as many curveballs!

As we said it’s a pretty straightforward system, we are going to install a 2ply system. We like these systems as they are easy to maintain, easy to replace as they can be roofed over in 15-25 or so years, which saves money overall vs other flat roof systems such as a 4ply system, especially as the insulation in the home will be from inside, installed underneath the flat roof deck.

There is a permitter parapet flashing detail. We always want to bring our membrane 4 inches up underneath the parapet flashing, and at least 2 inches on the outside of the home to avoid any water getting into the home.

There will be another hidden trough system up on this flat roof similar to the deck system. A hidden trough system essentially means the method that the flat roof is drained cannot be visibly seen from the outside of the building. Essentially that means things like drains and downspouts aren’t visible from the ground level. The trough will need to be waterproofed, and the homeowner has a custom trough system out of steel that we will work with to ensure its completely waterproofed.

Once we had the peel and stick waterproofing base sheet down the builder had the sheetmetal workers come in and install their metal troughs, so that we could then install the cap sheet. Normally we install a lighter grey material, but we selected a darker grey to match the look of the home for that extra sharp look.

We loved the way this flat roof project came out, and we’re excited for the Duradek install in a few weeks. Stay tuned for that video!