Flat Roof Layover Installation St. Thomas Ontario – No Tear Out Required

This week we were in beautiful St. Thomas Ontario at a residential home, working on a flat roof section at the back of the house that provides an envelope for a hot tub area.

This is a bit of a different video today as the title of the post suggests, as we aren’t doing a full tear out of a roof today, we are doing what is called a layover. Not all roofs are so bad that they need to be removed, so after a full inspection of this roof, we’re going to install a separation board, and a new 2 ply mod big system.

There is a vinyl siding detail along with a door where the homeowner comes out onto a walk out deck which we have to take out and place back in. There is a shingle roof tie in which we need to make sure its installed properly as the cold and nasty weather is coming soon here in Canada.

We wanted to show you how we remove shingles so we can place a membrane up and under the shingles to provide proper protection against ice, snow and water. We delaminate the one row of shingles so we can remove the bottom two sections of shingles, as they have been nailed in place by the row of shingles above, and the asphalt sometimes sicks, so we use a pry bar so we don’t damage the other rows that aren’t coming out. Then the bottom rows should come out.

Once the roof was cleared of items, we cleaned up the roof to remove any dirt, debris, and we dried the roof off until there was no moisture, then we installed a 1/8” asphaltic board to the existing roof, then we primed the roof and put on our peel and stick water proof base sheet.

Then it was time to put down the cap sheet, and heat weld the seams to protect the roof from the elements. You can see where we took the membrane up into the area where the shingles are. We will come back and install shingles another day to clean this up. We got the metal flashing installed around the perimeter, put the deck back down and reinstalled the eavestrough.

All in all we’re really proud of this project the roof looks beautiful and will last the homeowner for a very long time!