Flat Roof Leak Emergency Repair (Chimney, Shingles, Eaves) London Ontario

Hi everyone! First video of 2021. We’ve been very busy already, lots of homeowners to help, but we wanted to post videos again now that the season is in full swing.

For this project we were in the West end of London Ontario, at a residential home. The client has a flat roof over their garage, that leaks water every single time it rains.

It leaks in a few parts:

• There is a shingle tie in that leaks
• The brick chimney leaks and lets in water
• The edge where the eavestrough attaches to the garage

It’s a small area but there are a few tricky details. The roof had a pea stone surface, on top of asphalt and felt.

We are going to clean that off, and put a new substrate down. Then we will install a new 2ply modified system on top of the new substrate. This is a great way to save the client a lot of money on their flat roof repair as they don’t have to spend money on the labour to tear off the and plywood entire roof down to the deck

We put a substrate down, then put a primer, and then a peel and stick base sheet membrane.

You can see the area where the client was having issues with the leaking by the shingles that tie into the flat roof. Snow would build up, and water would get underneath the shingles, and go into the house.

To fix this properly we carefully remove the existing shingles and put the base sheet up 2-3 feet, then put new shingles down over it, so that snow, melting nice and water can’t travel underneath the shingles.

Water was also running over the edge of the flat roof and going into the garage, so we put a membrane over the edge after removing the eavestroughs, and we will put new metal on and reattach the eavestroughs.

We ran membrane around the chimney masonry, and then installed metal flashing to seal it up and give it a great look.

The job came out great – but most importantly – no more leaks!