Flat Roof Leak Repair Mattress Depot London Ontario

This week we were in London Ontario working on a commercial building, I’m sure a lot of Londoners know this place because of the fake police car sitting on Exeter Road. This week we were at the Mattress Depot, doing a flat roof leak investigation and repair.
The guys said they were having tons of leaks, and asked Legacy Roofs to come out and find them, and get the flat roof sealed up. The job would involve a visual inspection of the roof, and we would have to poke around and remove pea stone looking for cracks, rips, tears and holes in the flat roof membrane.
We found one spot by the parapet wall where the flat roof is separating completely from the exterior wall, which would require a simple mesh and mastic repair.
We did some further investigation and found by the HVAC system by the metal ducting, we found and old wooden sleeper underneath the duct which was amazingly in between the felt. It was so rotten and old that seeds had started growing in the wood and roots, and now water is running down through the root system, along the metal deck underneath the membrane and is travelling along the roof until it finds somewhere to come in!
So we have to rip out the trees, spud (remove all rocks stone and debris) all around this wooden area, and then put a mesh and mastic down to seal up the holes and get the building dry once again.
The roof is in need of a full reroof but for now we are trying to save the client money, it can hold out a few more years before it needs to be done.