Flat Roof Membrane Installed On Backyard Canopy in Komoka, Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were out in beautiful Komoka Ontario. We were called out by a client to help them finish off a landscaping project they were having done by our friends at  TLC landscaping who do some truly wonderful work.

The client had a canopy installed over their new patio area so they could sit outside and get some shade so they can enjoy their backyard. They had called up Legacy Flat Roofing to install a flat roof over the new canopy.

It’s a different project vs a flat roof over the top of a building. There are a lot less things to be concerned about, especially because it a new build. But as it’s not an insulated roof over the top of the home, it changes some of the aspects of the project for our team. We still have to keep it watertight and great looking, but there aren’t things like vapour barrier or concerns like that.

Fortunately for us the homeowner hired a great company to do the framing of the canopy, so we were able to just come in and get the flat roof installed. They build the canopy with the perfect angle for shedding water, and it suits our flat roof system well as the slight angle isn’t enough to put shingles on, they client would have all sorts of issues with water getting up under the shingle, and the wood substrate would end up prematurely rotting. A flat roof is the right application and will keep this area dry for many man years.

We started by making sure the area was cleaned off, then we put down our peel and stick base sheet, which is a water proof membrane which comes in rolls, and we apply it to the roof in long sections. Then we install the aluminum outside corner flashing and drip edge, to secure the ends of the membrane before we put down on asphalt peel and sheet cap sheet, where we heat weld the seams to water proof it even further.

There was a siding detail which we had to remove the siding about 12-24 inches so we could roof up under the siding to ensure a water tight application of our flat roof material. Then we reinstall the siding to give it a great finished look. The siding crew will come back and fix up the shingle roof detail.

The home was beautiful, we were glad to be a part of making it even more special and relaxing for the client, with lots of years of enjoyment of the outdoors, and watching those intense Ontario summer storms!