Flat Roof Patio Leak London Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were in central London Ontario, working at a residential home that was experiencing a flat roof leak.

On the back of the home there is a patio on the second level seated on a flat roof. It’s a beautiful spot for sitting outside and enjoying the backyard.

The client reported issues with water coming into the garage, it appeared to be coming in to the under the flashing area of the roof that attaches to the exterior wall. This is a fairly common issue in flat roofs if the transition from the flat roof to the wall is not properly installed, or hasn’t been maintained.

You can see in the garage where the water is coming in that moisture has been coming into the building envelope and has caused damage to the underside of the roof, as well as the door and threshold. Getting the leak fixed is a big priority as damp drywall and moisture can potentially cause health risks in the future.

We would consider this a very small repair, but it was very technical. There was a coaxial satellite cable that ran under the door, which is a big challenge when waterproofing as we need to bring the membrane up higher to protect the roof/wall transition during those wet and rainy seasons.

Our solution was to run the cable through the door jamb above the height of the waterproofing membrane, apply new metal flashing to seal up the entire wall detail.

As we said, a small job this time, but very technical.

If you’re in the Southwestern Ontario area and you’re having a flat roof leak, or you know it’s time to replace your flat roof please give us a call or send us an email!