Flat Roof Replacement North End London Ontario

Hey everyone, this week we were in London Ontario in the North end of the city, working on a decent sized residential flat roof.

This was an interesting project, we were called out as the client had an existing single ply flat roof that had met it’s life expectancy. The single ply was beginning to rip open, when we inspected the roof the insulation was wet. This can cause major issues inside of a home once the flat roof seams deteriorate to the point where they are open and water is getting inside the home.

Often times we can roof over an existing surface, but due to the moisture, for this project it was best to completely remove the flat roof surface. Due to the poor condition in some parts of the roof we put down new plywood to get a strong and durable substrate to adhere the new 2ply flat roof system to.

The client was using a metal roof shingle company, who came and removed the first 4 layers of metal shingles off the roof, leaving the paper felt in place (which acts as a water block), allowing us to bring the roof membrane up and under metal shingles to ensure excellent water shedding.

The underside of the deck received spray foam insulation, so the heat and cool is managed inside of the home, often times a flat roof has insulation underneath the base and cap sheet but it wasn’t necessary for us in this project. Which meant all we needed to do was prime the wood, install the base sheet, then a self adhering membrane.

One we got that down, we finished it off with metal drip flashing all the way around the new flat roof to improve the look of the home, and control water, ice and snow.

We love the way this project turned out. We are so proud of the work our team does at each project, if you’re looking for work on your flat roof, please send us an email!