Flat Roof Surface Replacement Central London Ontario

Hi everyone, this week we were in Central London Ontario. There was a definite chill in the air on this project! We’re not the biggest fans of winter as it creates so many issues with ice and water issues on homes, but we aim to fix that one flat roof at a time!

We were at a small residential home, working on a fairly simple roofing section where the roof had definitely aged out, and needing replacing.

It needed a new recovery board to be installed over the existing 4ply pea stone roof, which we cleaned up by sweeping and cleaning the roof area to make sure we have a solid flat surface.

This roof definitely made life easier as it already had a nice slope to it so we can create a greater level of water control, getting it off the roof and into the eaves troughs quickly.

Once the recovery boards were fixed down, we primed the roof and installed the peel and stick base sheet which sloped towards the direction of the eaves trough. There was an existing cap which we took the membrane up and under as it was in good condition.

The video doesn’t show a lot of the roof, but you can see the results once we finished off the roof with the nice metal flashing detail. The roof came out great, and will provide the client many years once they have a new deck installed on their flat roof.