Flat Roof Tie In East London Ontario Duplex

This project was in London Ontario on the East side of town for a duplex.

Our job was to tie in two flat roof systems, there was one section of the roof that was completed about 3-4 years ago, our job today was to fix the other half of the roof and tie it in to the newest section of flat roof.

The section that needed to be fixed was in terrible shape, highlighted by all the extreme rainfall that London had been getting the past few weeks. We could put our entire hand under the cap sheet in some places, the stone was coming off the sheets, and the wood substrate and felt were exposed underneath.

We put down a new 1/8″ sopaboard to create new the substrate, and instead of tearing out the old roof we put it over the top of the existing old membrane to avoid damaging the base of the roof or breaking any wood.

Then we rolled on primer, letting it set for a while so we could apply the base sheet. Once we had the base sheet down, it was time to put on the cap sheet, and we heat welded the seams.

How you can heat weld seams is to overlap the black edges of the cap sheet and get a heat gun, apply pressure with a roller and apply firm pressure and smooth the edges so the rubber welds together to create a water proof seal.

There were some washer and vent stack (vent stacks are very important as too much hot air trapped in a roof rots a roof and the wood from the inside) details to get the new membrane around, we used an all sands system to go around the vents to get another great water tight seal for round details.

The client is going to be thrilled, in fact you can see what they thought of the project here.

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